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  • tec422000 tec422000 Jun 16, 2013 10:48 AM Flag

    Why own this?

    Why anyone would own this stock is beyond understanding?...
    He dont care about PPS ,
    He got billions in his wallet of other peoples money he tricked into buying @ 38 pps?
    Share holders cannot make him accountable for his lack of or ability to help the PPS
    He has 10 votes per share ... What a scam this is. Anything he wants, He gets... that simple folks
    This is why Sanberg sells FB like it is a ATM
    They are more worried about book writing, Politics, etc etc over shareholders,
    There are no repercussions for these vampires, No accountability they answer to noone
    They want you to give them your money and hope for the best... The SEC should issue warning lables
    Like what is on tobbacco products, " Warning" " Danger"
    It is a good idea with bad people running it... I cant see reason to buy into this BS?

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