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  • colorado_dude4u colorado_dude4u Jun 30, 2013 3:59 PM Flag

    What's so great about Instagram?

    I still don't get it or see why it's a game changer for fb. Can anyone present a case for it an HOW it will monetize etc. I just viewed a 15 second clip of a parade and it really is like a video byte ...oh wait it is...surely one can go to youtube for the real deal?

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    • you are correct dude,

      All one has to do is listen to Systrom's own words: "no immediate plans to advertise using Instagram video" and your video's are your own - they will not invade you privacy to sell relevant ad spots - this last part blows indy5's argument of void fill out of the water - the conclusion reached is if you share stuff with privacy to your friend's there will be no ad piggyback - iow's - no monetization here. If you share globally then they may in time piggyback an ad - but why would you take the time to concatenate using #$%$ 15 sec takes and filters when you can do the whole thing on YouTube? The Answer: Unless you are stupid you would not. Indy5 makes a good point about the unimpressive 30% brag # comping usage to ad rev's = pathetic - but blew the argument of void fill.

      Analyst upgrades - for most part are bogus - front running

      FB actually went down on sell the news for the very reason cited - no immediate impact on revs or bottom line. Then the upgrades came and muppets fell for it.

      go figure.

    • Instagram's new video-sharing tool has had a big effect on Twitter's Vine service, analysis shows.

      The number of links to Vine videos on social networks fell by nearly half a million the day after video was added to Instagram's photo app on 20 June.

      But an extra 300,000 Instagram links were shared, according to data analytics tool Topsy.

      A week later, there were 50% more Instagram than Vine links being shared on the net, Topsy figures show.

      On 27 June, data indicates, there were 1,562,022 mentions of Instagram and 935,109 mentions of Vine.

      Topsy says its figures include retweets and links but not spam.

      "Instagram hasn't actually seen a huge uptick in Twitter sharing since its video launch," wrote Matt McGee, editor of Marketing Land.

      "The number of shares over the past few days is similar to early and mid-June. But Vine sharing is way down in the last week."

      Twitter launched its video-sharing platform in January 2013. Users are able to upload and share six-second long clips which play in a loop.

      Videos shared via Facebook-owned Instagram can be up to 15 seconds long and filters can be added to change the colouring.

    • Only 30% of Facebook's revenue currently comes from mobile. With 751 Million users accessing Facebook via their mobile device, that's not really much to brag about, even though 30% is a huge improvement from where they were during their IPO launch. What Facebook's been lacking is an outlet for advertisers to show video advertisement. Hopefully, with the addition of video on instagram, that void will be filled. With Instagram's ability to know (with permission) where a video was shot, local advertisements can run ads alongside the uploaded clip.

      YouTube supports mobile but it's not very 'share friendly' (being owned by Google). By that I mean, if you only want your friends to see it, you have to upload it as a private video and then copy the private link and send it to your friends in a text message or on facebook or some other avenue, because chances are they don't use Google Chrome or check their YouTube channel subscriptions very often (unless you tell them to check it out, which takes extra work). Since Instagram blinds into Facebook's privacy settings, a video can be uploaded and shared without the extra steps to insure only the people you want to see it, see it.

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