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  • slider5x5 slider5x5 Jul 3, 2013 9:50 AM Flag

    Easy Money Slide to below 22 - bank on it.

    All anal-yst have put out their phony upgrades and all muppets were pied pipered into this pos in the high 24 low 25's.

    Effect of anal-yst upgrades is now FB has a higher whisper # - 15 to 16 cents.

    Zuck told you he was spending like mad - on things like FB home etc

    Usage is trending down.

    No one with any common sense pays attention to FB ads.

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    • I bought @ $22

    • lol...........................

    • lool.....................

    • @pcrand, you're assessments stink. If FB misses GAAP whisper earnings of 15 cents the skid row will be in your panties. 32 years in the markets here. Means nothing if your assessments are off which is the case with your assessment of me and FB . Example - I still own 1 of the 3 first stocks I bought back in 1981 - it wound up being a 25 bagger for me.

      Zero sum game here on FB one of us will be wrong.

      Not trying to convince you - just acquaint others open to ideas by example of what to look for - Look at the cues - example - over 70% FB mobil use but only deriving 30% revs. from that base. Here's a Freebie 4u - none of the initiatives they spent money on recently have added significantly or at all to revenue. Instagram, Home, Gifts - also no one I know clicks on or views FB ads - why would you. BTW graph search sucks. Zuck said expenses will be way up this year - GAAP says eps suffers with that given on flat revs.

    • yup pcrand - muppets - GAAP earings of 15 cents is the new whisper on Fadbook because of anal-yst upgrades-.yes muppets moron. Everytime a dumb anal-yst says buy or reiterates their previous buy the muppets jump in. Pump and Dump - .

      Last Q's earnings report Fardbroke's GAAP earnings were about 9 cents - you want to gamble that they had a 70% increase in earnings aftr Zuckeru told you he was going on a spending spree.

      Get real ya dope.

    • So people who invest in FB are muppets huh? Question to you short, short man..... When FB hits $22 or $19 for that matter, will you buy it at that point? Of course not, because you my short stick friend are a degenerate gambler.... Degenerate gamblers always end up in the gutter and you are no different. Those of us who believe in the future of FB have not seen another viable competitor come along with a similar product that is better, thus we buy FB..... We'll see you at $40, $50 and eventually $100 unless someone comes along with a better widget.

      Corporate America pays over a million dollars for 30 second commercial during major sports events.. You don't think they will pay up to have visual ads on a site where people spend an average of 26 minutes every time they log on..

      You sire are a short sticked man with a muppet mentality. The only difference is Jim Henson is dead and so is your montra...

    • buy more then dunce.

      i'll keep shorting - see you below 22

    • Bank on it? OK I'll apply to you for a loan of 10,000 shares That'll be $25,000 please. I'll short them if you like after all it'll be your money that's bankrolling me.

      What a putz.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • no way FB will come close to the higher expectation whisper of 15 to 16 cents for the quarter

      they will be lucky if they get to 10 cents

      setting up for a slaughter

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      • I've been following the market for nearly 25 years... FB is trending sideways right now in anticipation of earnings... Here's the deal though... The second the earning come out they are old news... Investors and analysts are looking out 1-3 years.... You are such a short term thinker that you probably bought Google at 85 and sold at 90... then shorted at $100..... FB is an innovative, cash rich company looking to add to their overall dominant market position by purchasing and developing innovative new products that bring new users to the site.... It's kind of like owning Disney.. They keep adding things like ABC-ESPN-new theme parks, etc..... You could be run over like a freight train with one announcement of an acquisition... Good luck on skid row Slider.. You will be there soon.

      • last Qtr was their best GAAP earnings of just shy of 9 cents per share. No WAY is Fraudbook going to get any where near 15 or 16 cents on a GAAP basis


    • im banking that your short is tanking

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