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  • gruen7 gruen7 Aug 7, 2013 3:15 PM Flag

    watch DNDN Dendreon something up, the weight comes and goes in seconds on bid,40k 400k ern 2morrow

    atch the weight, recognize a force down, they want you out, tomorrow they gap it way up and stronger all day, then in after hours you won't believe it.
    Will put to shame the best pop you might get out of scty tsla or gmcr
    Fast Money for real with DNDN
    Possible Europe partner and possible sale, also Provenge deal possible. In 2009 after earnings, dndn stock went 5 to 25 and 30% of the float is short.....bigger move then tsla and gmcr scty could make for cheaper. Also rotation of hot money starting to go into biotechs. Tomorrow they will gap it up big on the open and I expect it to get stronger all day long. Mako robotic surgical has buyers on the ask even on down days because it also is down from 45 with an insulting 700 million cap and robotic procedures up 25% MAKO will make you some money fast because its going back to 45 very quickly after it flys by 20, they can open at 25 tomorrow if they want. MAKO will be gapped up also tomorrow!, 20 is where they take that days away Mako is a baby ISRG but they do ankles knees and hips, no competition, how long do you seriously think before one, just 1 Hedge Fund manager goes boom 5 million share buy or 20 million, then they all copy not wanting left out.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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