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    Why Facebook Is In Decline

    excerpts from Forbes article by Gene Marks, (Contributor I cover technologies helping companies be quicker, better, wiser.) Hmmm…I recently noticed something. My teenage kids are not on Facebook FB +2.45% as much as they used to be. Over the years Facebook has been as much a part of our family as my in-laws and our dog. More loved than the in-laws, but less so than the dog, of course. It was the primary application used by all of us the minute we turned on our computers. But interest has waned as my kids have aged. Ruby Karp, a thirteen year old, explained last week in Mashable why she and none of her friends use Facebook. Among the reasons: “Facebook has been trying too hard. Teens hate it when people try too hard; it pushes them away. Teens just like to join on their own. If you’re up in their faces about the new features on Facebook they’ll get annoyed and find a new social media.”

    Chris Hoffman from tech website MakeUseOf agrees that not only is Facebook not as cool anymore but there are too many other great choices for social media platforms. “Interestingly enough,” he notes that people “…are moving away from social networks like Facebook that are linked to their real identity and towards other networks where they use pseudonyms that aren’t their real names and avatars that aren’t their real faces.”

    These are all reasons why Facebook is in decline. And there are more. The death of email has been vastly over-exaggerated. Email is still the primary means of communication for just about all companies in the world.

    Most businesses have found Facebook to have limited, if any value.

    Another thing contributing to the decline of Facebook: the world continues to fracture.

    In the end, Facebook is just an application. And people get tired of applications after a while.

    excerpts only above read the entire article yosef or yourself.

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