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  • slider5x5 slider5x5 Sep 18, 2013 12:59 PM Flag

    Online Ad Blocking Spreads - Information Week

    Thomas Claburn September 17, 2013 10:07AM - users continue to vote with their clicks for ad blocking. The future of Web publishing looks bleak. There are a variety of reasons, but the primary problem is online advertising, the major source of revenue for Web publishers. A growing number of people want nothing to do with it and they're taking steps to block online ads. In a report published last month, PageFair, a marketing consultancy, found that the average ad-blocking rate at 220 websites was 22.7%. The rate was higher at websites with technically sophisticated audiences, like online gaming and technology websites, and lower at general interest websites. In March, PageFair (then known as Block Metrics) put the average rate at around 10%. (For math impaired that is a double in 6 months) Even if publishers and advertisers have shown they can reinvent themselves, there's still cause for concern. Things are bad enough that Google decided to ban AdBlock Plus from Google Play, the company's store for Android devices. Chad Russell, founder and CTO of BluePoint Security, has run a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of AdTrap, a $139 box that sits between an Internet connection and a home router with the express purpose of blocking ads, particularly on mobile devices.

    "We've hit an inflection point with ad blocking," said Sean Blanchfield, executive chairman at PageFair, in a phone interview. "The number one reason is ads have gotten to this point where they're so intrusive that people are driven to seek a solution."

    Search to get the full article - the point is the Revenue from the Ad supported business Model is in jeopardy of failure - major consumer backfire. Solutions like ABP AdBlock Plus and Adtrap are effective means for consumers to fight the intrusiveness of Ads. FB Look out below. Maybe this is why it is taking so long for FB to launch video Ads. They don't want to kissoff their users.

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    • Tell everyone you know - make this go viral - already have 200 Million downloads for AdBlock Plus (ABP). It is free software but you can make a donation if you want to help the developers. Really effective in blocking ads - amazingly even those pesky video ads that make you watch some lame Ad b4 you get to your content. Very annoying.

      The other solution for you homegamers is a Hardware solution which is not free but really good also - that would AdTrap. Don't get them confused they are two separate solutions.

      Maybe when FB starts with their annoying video ads it will tickoff more to find a solution. Why wait. If you use Firefox Chrome Opera or Internet Explorer or Android devices AdBlock Plus actually speeds up your web browsing and gives you control over the content you want to see. FB will have to monetize its users cause the Admodel free lunch is going bye bye like the dodo bird. Setting up for a bull trap as these ad killers go viral.

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      • nothing explains Monday's action but maybe adblocking trend may impact quarterly growth metrics. 30% annualized growth metric is what is expected so investors will probably decide regardless of the sandbagged analysts estimates. Quarter over Quarter 30% annualized is the metric makes it real simple to calculate a miss. Adblocking may also help explain why 70% access by mobile but only 41% of revenues come from mobile. Obviously if they can't get the mobile revenue number up to parity with access it is failure.

        A double on adblocks in less than 6 months is huge and reflects growing discontent. Maybe investors/speculators will figure this out soon - maybe not.

      • Slider, I agree. I also think this may have had an effect on Monday. However, nothing is free and
        all of these sites (FB, Youtube etc.) will have to monetize somewhere. They may at the least re-do
        their user agreements. That being said I, too, am getting tired of being tracked REGARDLESS of
        who's doing it, GLTA...this one is a hell of a ride.


    • i'd love this blocker. THe ads on my smart phone are getting bigger , and slowing down my page loads. Its a royal pain in the #$%$. I'll look to see where i can read up on this ABP ad blocker. Well worth the $139. as long as you do most of your serfing at home, which i do.

      Sentiment: Sell

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      • peek, the AdTrap hardware solution from Chad is $139. The software solution is a free add on to your browser and works like a charm. You can get more info. on the free ABP Adblock plus - ad killer at adblockplus. org (all one word). Good effective software solution. Works on mobile.

        The hardware solution of AdTrap if you want to see a demonstration go to youtube and search on "Adtrap CNN" Erin Burnett ran a piece on Adtrap a few days ago.

    • you can lead a dunderhead to water but you can't make a carhar123 drink. The benefits of ABP and other ad killing solutions are obvious to any one with working synapses and healthy gray matter. The default configuration allows unobtrusive ads and only kills the obtrusive ones. Of course you can toggle to kill all ads and you can white list sites if you feel pity for their ad revenue fall. The end result faster page and content loads. For those who have time to waste cause they got nothing else to do maybe this isn't even enough. Privacy intrusion not enough nor tracking - oh well back to 1st sentence.

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      • I wish you would learn to read. I don't care if you have an ad blocker, it is none of my business. I did, however, point out to you that if the ads don't work for any reason, all of this free stuff, including this message board, will be gone. I find it amazing that you fail to understand that. Of course, your dunderhead remark proves you are unable to make an intelligent argument. Run along and play now.

    • Same thing my DVR does for my TV. No more AD's to watch.

    • Good point snowcrow - the average yawning user wouldn't believe and probably too dunderheaded to care till it bites them, the tracking that is going on. Take a peak at your flashplayer if you have flash to watch videos. Access it via control panel. There are sites which are actually storing their garbage trackers on your flashplayer. ABP does a great job at killing all of this stuff. Man oh man I thought the 200 million download figure was amazing but as the article states a doubling of consumers blocking ads now from march to august a little under 6 months - more where consumers are more savvy less for the idiot yawners who have to wind up fighting to get their stolen identity back or have time to waist waiting for their content to play after Ads. Unbelievable.

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