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  • jjjinglehimersmith jjjinglehimersmith Sep 27, 2013 3:23 PM Flag

    Today is one of the largest one-day *POMO*s in the history of QE4eva

    The Bernanke Superdebt Superbubble Superstocks are being gunned for quarterly window dressing even as the market rolls over in response to the perceived 'threat of debt'. The momos know that this is just another false flag event, just like all threats in the past 33 years. The prudent will give in to the reckless as they always have so the fat cat banksters and those on the dole, whether it be government pork contractors or recipients of free money, will cheer while savers and those on fixed incomes' voices will be lost in the Bernanke Black Hole. The 99-year-old-Fed has finally become the Lord over the Best Congress That Money Can Buy now that it prints the deficit each year. The TBTF banks, the owners of their "regulator", the Fed, know this and so do the momo gunners.

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