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  • meisterscheister meisterscheister Dec 27, 2013 2:12 PM Flag

    what does this WALLFRAUD CONJOB mean to you and your children & generations?

    the american public is catching on to the FRAUD PRICING in this.

    since the thieving banksters didnt go to prison, this is what america gets

    IT ALL HAPPENED BEFORE - OVERPRICING HOMES. the bankster wallstreet thieves overvalued home prices fraudulently to steal not just the CDO interest margins on the upside but then to also foreclose american homes on the downside.

    the OVERPRICE-TO-OVERCHARGE-TO-STEAL game is a wallstreet con which is now poisoning the pension funds with the help of the S&P inclusion (sound familiar). Wallstreet cons are overcharging your pension with this worthless pos and stealing all potential profit of a too-good-to-be-true scenario.

    Thi sCRAP con - by inclusion into the S&P - is just another way that wallstreet thieves rob mainstreet america - but this time it is worse. In this con, your pension fund is forced to accept a pretense of future value (mitt romney style) which upside goes into the pockets of the pre-ipo and bankster thieves. Not only does your pension fun lose the upside risk reward, it is stuck with the pretense that the longer term value will even beat the con fed rate!! TO MAKE MATTER WORSE, this con carries with it the demand that your pension fund must be able to pass on this fraudulent scenario to actually recapture the stolen risk reward!

    REALISTICALLY the rationale to losers who by thi sCRAP is; "you will lose less here than you would lose elsewhere". Once again affirming wallstreets despicable contempt for american citizens of mainstreet.

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