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  • maggothound maggothound Feb 3, 2014 9:10 PM Flag

    Funny how all the shorts

    claim to have shorted FB after it makes a new all time high and then has a pull back... that is when the come here saying I SHORTED IT at 63.37.... making themselves look like the perfect trader..... but when FB reverses and continues the up trend... those shorts go QUIET MODE... lmfao

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    • mashiach Feb 4, 2014 7:49 AM Flag

      Just losers that lives in a dream of power traders

    • I ask everyone a favor, bang this son of the gun sc3408, the #$%$ putting hundred of the message
      PER HOUR.

    • i didn't mention how many shrs i shorted, because it's not about bragging..on NEM i did post how many shrs, and that was wrong and unlike me to do much money i have doesn't matter, I'm not here to brag about how much money i have, when i posted the amount of shrs on the other stock, that was a mistake, and by the time realized already posted, you'll never hear the amount of shrs again.

    • i repeat..look at the time of my post..look at the price FB was at when i posted, and you will see, it all matches up..not only that after i posted the short postion the stock went higher, not lower, did i care no, because i know I'm not perfect..but i have to be real, and i don't mind be transparent..whether right or wrong. it's my money, not yours..take a lot of pride in being real and honest, and for you to speak garbage only shows, you have no your homework before you look like a fool..nothing to hide here.

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      • sc3408-anyway, it's rare that anyone can call the exact top and the exact bottom. You got in around $62.30 from a top that reached $62.77. That's good. Now the bottom and where to sell is the next hardest trick in the book. And I'll be watching with you cause I want in but not at unreasonable prices. Frankly anything under $58 I'll be watching closely. Still not convinced we will see gap filled as much I want it to be so. You insist we will see $54-$55 for sure. SC I REALLY want you to be right. Make it happen man. Get those Stock Gods to work for ya.

    • i didn't claim to have done so, i did ..and i did it real-time with real-time post..if you like you can compare the timing to the price of the stock at the time..all you gotta do is look at all the trades..that went trhough at that time and you can even see how many shrs i shorted.., i have no reason to lie..not only that, been telling everybody over the weekend i was going to do wasn't a surprise. been saying it since Saurday and Sunday.
      then on top of that i have never posted anything on FB messageboard since this weekend. some people are liars and delusional, i like to be real with people. haven't gone quite at all, ever since Saturday. I''ll see you at $54-$ goal is not to rub it on anybody. nor do i claim to be a perfect trader. wish that true. one more thing i won't quite on me where I'm lying...that's why my posts are real time with real time price.
      did you see my buy post on NEM at 21.17 it's lower then the price i bought it at, do you see me being perfect I'm can anybody run away from a post when the header has the real-time buy and price posted on .by the way my short postion still stands on FB..did i say i covered, see you at $54-$55..thats what i mean....did i say i sold NEM no i didn't I'm still holding it. I'm the most transparent person you will ever know.i take pride in honesty and being real, regardless of whether i lose money or make money..have no shame in showing things I'm wrong on and no shame in showing things I'm right me where my post and the price doesn't match? show me where i didn't say i was going to short FB over the weekend me a post before this weekend on this want to know something..after i shorted FB at 63.37 it went was my timing, it wasn't..but it's good enough. please be real about things, and people will respect you more. if I'm wrong, i'll admit it. that's the way i am..

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