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  • tweenybrian tweenybrian Apr 26, 2014 1:39 PM Flag

    I am a troubled long.

    I heard every analyst on CNBC rave about FB . Most expected a run in to the 70's with some even saying we could be at 80 by now. Then the CFO quits. Then FB drops on earnings. Sell the news seems to be the real story. I wish some long would post the truth here. that the CFO may have discovered accounting errors and that his abrupt departure is telling.

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    • Trouble beyond stock market. Worse than Troika in Greece. Long term bad in Ukraine is not for Russia's fault. Too simple to blame. But nor good for stock market and it knows.

    • Facebook from a fundamental perspective is overvalued astronomically. I have posted this many times and if you want to save your money then you should not be in this stock long term. Markets are correcting over the next several months so I wouldn't know what you should own long term. Now over the short term I don't know what to do. I don't know if it will go higher or lower tomorrow. But selling here would net you more then if you sold 5 months from now.

      Facebook revenues come mainly from apps installs and app ads. It is a pure App bubble play. When the App bubble bursts, these companies won't have the money to give to facebook to pump up their Active User Counts. Again it is a Pure App Bubble Play. It is not a long term hold. Save your money. Spend it on family. Don't throw it away to the pumping wall street crooks.

    • The CFO's departure isn't *abrupt* as you say. His resignation is effective in June and he is actually staying at FB until Sept. to complete the Occulus deal. He was at FB for 5 years. Prior to that he was at Genentech for about 15 years. Why is not possible that he might prefer health care, which is where he grew up professionally, to social media as he stated? I think you trying to read something that isn't there.

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      • Spring, congrats on a good call on FB. I know some people accused you of smoking crack. You countered by stating you had 25 years in investments. If anyone should be troubled, it is in how FB plans to do as well in the future. They are a pricey stock. I ignore the hysterical longs who attacked you and attack anyone else who is die hard. Sorry you got attacked. It is clear that anyone who raises questions, or who does not drink the koolaid is "the enemy" Keep posting rational posts sir.

        Sentiment: Hold

    • tracey563 Apr 26, 2014 2:02 PM Flag

      its not the cfo,its the guidence .sandberg on fox buisness tomorow,hopefully she does some damage career

    • Troubled long? Nah. Brand new alias from a lying sack-of#$%$ short, is what you meant to say.

    • Troubled too. I am unsure where this is all going. The stock price doesn't seem to be consistent enough. I think some one on this board said Google went the same way. Hoping Facebook get into the hundreds. But hoping is bad DD.

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      • DC7177, thanks for the response. I think the old adage of buy the rumor and sell the news stands firm here.Granted, maybe the CFO leaving is less important than the guidance. The combination of events is troubling. Now Odor of magnitude comes in with his insults like a 5 year old, instead of discussing the issues like a grown up. Yes this is my new ID ,because my old one, which I have used since 12-3-2012 is not working, due to "yahoo" issues.

        I hope we can remain civil and ignore "Odor of Magnitudes" hissy fit.

        Let's discuss why all of us, long and short, are sensing something is very wrong with FB.

        Could it go beyond the stock itself? Could it be that FB itself is a negative effect experience? I have grown tired of seeing people's pet's and dinners uploaded. I feel chained to FB, and am pulling away from the whole circus aspect of FB. I do not do instagram, and as more of us get away from FB, Zyunga, Instagram, etc, and get our lives back, might this be the real reason why FB has sputtered?

    • More: The longs on this board are divided. They no longer listen to the longs who call you "stupid" or "idiot" for being concerned. I have every right to be concerned the market is correcting and that FB may have accounting errors. A CFO does not quit at earnings ! FB was not suppose to go down, based on all the hype being hurled at us by "analysts" So go ahead and call anyone who likes intelligence in investing an "idiot"
      One guy in particular misspells calm for "clam" What an idiot he is.

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