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  • coolcatnip_44115 coolcatnip_44115 Sep 24, 2003 3:53 PM Flag

    Taking profit is cool...

    is that "UN-obtuse" enough for you, Moles,.. you thick-skulled lump of malignant tumor...The Trend is Up...and you can't stop it,..The Dollar,.. Oil,.. is just an excuse to sell,.. but the underlying fundementals spell HIGHER, for the economy and the market...barring Geo-Pol for the little people they should take some profits,..they'll just" pay more for these same stocks when they want back in"....then they'll be "chasin da train"...pretty "short-sighted" if you ask pun for one can afford to take the time to collect, "the whole growth of my stocks"..thousands of %'s...not piddly 10-20% trades...I really don't have the time, nor the need, or inclination...Nipsky