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  • zho1688 zho1688 Dec 4, 2004 11:56 AM Flag

    $9 over again next week

    lawsuit without merit lawer loseed time & money & give up next week

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    • LOL!
      Sad...but true. Amen brother.

    • Looks like were of the same opinion. I have no position in this stock and am not even considering opening one. It attracted my attention on Wed, but after it was halted it became a real curiousity to me. It reaffirmed my thinking of why I'm not a daytrader. If you get caught in a bad trade the losses could be catastrophic. Now I'm looking at this board to understand the mindset of those who are still long or considering a long position. At the very least, why would anyone go long on a stock that they could not even short if they wanted to? The longs here are simply handing their shares over to their brokers to be shorted. This makes no sense. Anyway, just some rambling on my part...

    • That's what I understand. It's beyond me how anyone can possibly think that the fair value of this stock should be higher than it was before this debacle.

      For the record, I didn't listen to the CC. Just reading what's out there and drawing conclusions that seem pretty "no brainerish" to me.

    • purpletoad 99, I'm not really sure what oversold condition you're looking at. Maybe on intraday charts the stock appears oversold, but on a weekly chart it's overbought, not oversold. Considering all of the issues presently hanging over this Co, any attempt to rally will probably be met with intense selling pressure at this point. Very likely a lot of short term traders got stuck in a bad trade when the stock was halted on Wed and are still trying to cut losses. I don't see any reason why it would get back to 7 at this point. Very likely it'll retest the $4 range this week. What is the upside to this stock? I really don't see it.

    • Disadvantages of 510k

      Once approved, you reach the market without statistical clinical proof of improved outcomes

      Medical community is very cautious of any new product without well controlled clinical outcomes � Market acceptance is slow

    • I am being honest..

      My point was what benefit does the company have waiting until AFTER the market closed on Friday? I thought that was the point brought up but maybe I misunderstood.

      I do see the fast announcement by the company as a plus, as is the CEO's denial of any wrongdoing.

      This should be good for a nice short-term pop in the stock, and a good reason for longs to hold on and not sell your shares to the short coverers.

    • again my question is what is the aditional $2/share based on? Mucotrol? Do you really see this product bringing in the type of revenues that justify a 33% increase in share price?

    • << Subj: Re: one last time
      By: wafersgallore
      Date: 12/04/04 01:49 pm

      Why should this stock trade above last weeks levels? It appears that the "device" will have an insignificant revenue stream as it is not a DRUG and is late to market - a market with very limited revenues (based on the product this is emulating) >>

      Although they called the product a drug in their July news release, they decided not to call it that this time. Instead, they called it a prescription product, which is another feable attempt to convey an illusion that this is some sort of drug.

      The company has absolutely no authority to call anything a prescription anything. The FDA has to do it, which has not.

    • Boyd, am I correct, have they scuttled all revenue projections at this time? I didn't listen to the CC but have read many of the comments on it. If so, it's beyond me how anyone could even think of buying this stock w/o any idea of Mucotrol's success.

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