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  • cordero080877 cordero080877 Jun 4, 2003 11:25 AM Flag

    working at CCE

    If your best friend were considering employment at CCE, what are the top 2 or 3 things you would inform this person about what its like and what to expect?

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    • I am a former CCE employee.......agree with you 100%. I have moved on to a better position.....where they value me as a person and my hard work and they pay me well.
      CCE takes what they can pay for ( which is little ) and you either leave for your mind's sake or they break you.
      I had hoped that CCE would have been my last job before retirement.

    • Tell your friend that they should go to work of CCE. Let them decide whether it is a good company. Most of the people that post messages, not all, don't know what they are talking about. If your friend does not like it they can always get out. They will let your friend know what the pay is before he/she starts and if they don't like it they don't have to take the job. As anyone who knows the real CCE, they will tell you that it is a great place to work. Good Luck

    • Not to defend CCE, but do you really think Chicago was managed better than CCE manages it? I guess it depends on whether you look at it from the KO point of view or from the customer point of view. Market share when Herb owned it sucked royally and pricing was very high. Even RC was kicking KO's tail there. Herb didn't pay people very well; I was told a few years ago that there was hardly anyone in Hondo that made more than $50k. KO has to be happier now because share has to be higher now than it was, but of course that came at the shareholder's expense.

    • do you believe that the current cce structure does not work? should it be broken up?

    • Yes.. I also worked at an independent in NH and the employess were much happier and productive .. better pay and morale all around the peopel at CCE in NE were envious

      better morale leds to higher productivity .. not at CCE .. unless its changing .. prorbably not .. they will continue to squeeze as much from each person as posssible ..

    • No I do not still work at corp, I left the company in 2000 and you are right they are/ were so out of touch with what went on in the field. I was one of the few that made it from the trucks/union to rep to DSM sales center manager than to corp working with the bottlers .. I used to shake my head at the people in corp spending all the profits and having no real clue who made all the cash for the company and had no respect for the guys in the trenches .. the reason the DSMs and reps some times did not give a shit was because of the shit pay they recieved and the 80-100 hours they worked .. they essentially back filled merchandisers and reps when there were shortage at work .. yeah I use to go and sleep some time because I was so tired .. the mentality is they fuk us so lets fuk them .. Alm believe it or not is trying to change the slave labor that Shimberg created ..

    • this entire conversation proves a point that I made on this board several months ago. CCE is a lazy animal. the execution in the marketplace is poor. cce's main tasks are producing the product (quality) and executing on the ground (delivery abd customer relations). follow the directions and the stuff produces itself. cce sucks all across the nation at execution on the ground. the solution - break it up. the regional independent bottlers are much better, coke consolidated, coke united. there is an interesting article about the bottler in peurto rico which talks about how it has improved from the mid-1990's to now after it was bought by a local family. i'll see if i can find it. also, marvin herb, who sits on cce's bod, did a much better job of running chicago before cce put its hands on it. the same happened in canada and virtually everywhere else before bottlers were purchased by cce. go figure.

    • Do you work at Corp now? Every day I wonder more and more if anyone "higher up" other than branch manager is aware of how many unhappy customers call in a given day. I have never experienced such lack of concern for the customer not to mention the Company. Coke is very lucky the product sells itself. If they only knew what the DSM's / Account Managers did all day when they are "out in the field". I've really come to believe that nobody cares as long as the volume is up. Hopefully it doesn't come back to bite 'em.

    • I hated working at the bottler .. not bad if you are in the union but as a rep or DSM they pay you like crap ..even though gave everyone an 11% increase across the board because an outside firm said everyone at CCE was underpd a few years back ...its a sweat shop for anyone working at the bottler .. then you go to corp and work have the hours and spend much of the bottlers profits on traveling and entertainment ..its unbelievable ...

    • Its amazing reading all these post regarding Account Managers and management in general. I work for CCE and witness daily all the thing mentioned. The Account Managers, DSM's or whatever you want to call them are a complete joke. When I first started working for CCE a couple years I could not believe the amount of calls that came in from very upset customers and the fact that nobody really cared. Not even the branch manager. Its almost funny to have almost everyone classified as a "Manager" but yet nobody is managing. This can't go on forever....can it???

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