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  • cce_get_to_work cce_get_to_work Nov 29, 2005 3:43 PM Flag

    Un Real

    You guys are un-real. Most of you are 104 and above right? I know this because there were no posts on this board during the planning meeting held in September. CCE is in bad shape, but when its leaders are venting on this board it just shows that you contribute to the problems. You talk about the same things over, and over, and over again. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. If you really wanted to do something important then get to work and do something. Find another job or get out and make the company better. I can understand your frustrations, but when you post during work, as leaders, and share information with the public, then you are not better then the people you blame. If CCE is another Enron like you describe, then it will catch up with them, until then go earn your money.

    Gotlotstosay, you may be the only one that should be here, but the rest are paid employees bashing the company. Also you say you do not work for the company so how do you know the people?

    And yes I have this week off.

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    • falcon116 Dec 1, 2005 11:47 AM Flag

      What took so long?Maybe Marvin Herb will take over this fine company and restore it's 1990's sales growth and profits.

    • Sorry I think that makes it 4 times you have called me out. Feeling better today?

    • Alm's "lucrative package" may be in Y2005, leaving 2006 with less costs! As for cce-gtw, maybe she outed Alm for being on this board? lol! It would be nice if she would tell us why CCE is double counting KO payments made and reported in years past as contributing to this year's numbers. I'd have more respect then for her punch the clock view of the world. Punching the clock and then establishing a 3rd world accounting adventure is not my idea of a good working philosophy.

    • There will not be any real cost savings...he will leave with a very lucrative package.

      Maybe this all came about as a result of cce_get_to_work publicly stating on this board that CCE is in bad shape.

    • Has this been publicly indicated before? Maybe I missed it...
      If not...

      This strikes me as unusual. Alm is 'young'. Kline and the BoD didn't have the ability to organize an orderly succession. Why did it have to be so in such a stodgy, commodity oriented business? No mention of why in any story, not even the typical 'personal reasons'. Also...

      Why say "Alm" didn't work up a succession plan? Kline is the key to evaluating this. He put Alm in his old positions. I just don't see why there is no chatter about such an abrupt change that leaves a hole. Maybe this is a cost savings move to hit first quarter numbers...!!!

    • The quote from the Atlanta Journal is priceless......"especially the abilities of Terry Marks and Shaun Higgins, two of the idustry's most respected operators".....What a joke...

      First...respected? NO WAY. They are the ulitmate insider promotions and
      Second....OPERATORS?...Both have track records of operational failure. Look at the results in Boston and New York not to mention GB.

      Parker or Sandy Douglas are the two that come to mind in this rush for the gold.

      CCE will need a change as significant as what occurred when Shimberg took over in 1990. Let's see, I believe it was a centralized, failing system in those days as well.

      Good luck to all.

    • GTW...Now that I have time to respond to your ridiculous initial comment. What makes you think we are not working ? Maybe we are so productive we create free time to use our brains of our own free will. Maybe we work in a mobile environment. Maybe we work a schedule different than 7-5. Maybe we work in another time zone than yours.

      You followed traditional CCE problem solving methodologies. Blame others, ignore the facts, attack the person with a diverse perspective, intimidate, belittle, ultimately� did nothing to address the root causes of the problem�.poor decision making and poor leadership. You made no offer to get involved and make a difference. Are you afraid to do that ?

      GTW, what makes you think we have not already brought issues up for discussion with senior management ? Maybe we are just sick and tired of taking the high road while brown nosing so called leaders like yourself continue to build a culture of smoke and mirrors while hiding behind your stock options and Supplemental MESIP.

      When was the last time you took a stand on something at work ? When was the last time you voiced an opinion different than your manager�s in private ? When was the last time you did not, even though you were right and you were just following orders ? When was the last time you collected a 50% MIP while your hourly employees receiving nothing ? Are you afraid you might lose your privileged lifestyle if you tell the truth ?

      And your comment about senior leadership seeing this and not liking it is classic. Instead of dealing with the issues, you want the information to go away. That is the essence of CCE leadership and if it is obvious to employees it is obvious to investors as well.

      Instead of posting to this board, maybe what you need to do is go to Atlanta HQ at Wildwood and explain how bad morale is and offer suggestions for improving. Go look in your PDS book and note your role in building a positive culture. Let the front line employees execute and you go build an inspiring and motivating culture.

      Follow your own advice � Get to Work !

      • 1 Reply to cceforlife
      • And once again another post by someone who name calls. What is good about me being here is that everyone can see that all of you have failed to read what I said and asked. Don't think that if you insult me and call me names that I will just go away, other have done that but I will not.

        You post, and complain, and then tell me who you think I am, not that is funny. You know so much about me don't you?

        I hope your post has made you feel better.

        So answer these questions:

        Why do you post at work?

        Why do you give out company info?

        Who are you so upset with?

        Did something bad happen at work to make you feel this way?

        See I don't have call you names because people can read that you are unhappy at work, and that you are mad at me for bringing up the subject of your postings. Calm down and answer the simple questions so everyone will know why you are here posting. It just might make you fell better.

    • That's the drill. I hear that now they are cutting down the week long 'march to hell" plan presentations and are doing them in November. While all of that sounds good, the result is the same.

      Is it ....
      1."the plans will be the realistic plans built in the field on what is achievable."
      2." the plans will be built for the new business units"
      3. "we will pass down your portion of the plan"
      4. or the 2006 variation on the theme??????

      The real deal is the same as it's always been. It really doesn't matter what is achievable or rational. It will be what the Atlanta financial troops say that the company has to make.

      For years, focus and productivity went out the window from August until December with mountains of money and manpower spent on making get started, to tighten up, to finalize and to take to the show. This happens just as CMAs are being negotiated, many times without final budgets.

      I hear that they are putting lipstick on this process one more year.

      Bottom line is that CCE hasn't been able to control it's fate being driven by concetrate costs, mandated product mix, overheated rollout of so many SKUs that the write off at the sales centers continues to be unmanageable.

      Production costs are out of their control as well.....ingredient and packaging is what it is.

      The only way to make money is to sell more and get more for it. BRAIN SURGERY. This has always been the case and they have never been able to get it done. Volume and the need to sell syrup trumps price increases every time.

      Glad I don't have any more stock and that my retirement is not dependent on this company. Too bad too, there are still a lot of very good people left who do care.

    • Yes indeed, planning meetings always result in a plan. What I have never been able to embrace is the barrage of annual arrogant mandates:
      "Do more with less"
      "Do less better"
      "If it works fix it"
      "What have you done for me lately"

      I have always wondered why senior managers would endorse a plan that contained increases in labor intensive packages and yet held the line on labor.

      And what the hell do they get accomplished at their Wild Horse meetings?

    • Dear cce_get_to_work,
      You stated CCE is in bad shape. What do you think can be done to change that?

      This is an olive branch.

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