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  • puttingpeoplefirst puttingpeoplefirst Dec 2, 2005 5:22 PM Flag

    Thank heavens!!

    Alm is out!!!! What a guy he finally took one for the team. Hopefully this is a wake-up call for the parent company. This puppet for as much as he got paid couldn't tolerate the nonsense any longer. There's more to come, so stay tuned. It's amazing how everybody is starting to bail out at the sales center level as well. This company is in trouble, the business is not being managed properly, and the end results will be evident in the 4th Q. Capital expenses have been put off for so long it's pathetic. There needs to be a major investment in equipment very soon, however it just consistently gets put off. Watch this puppy, it's about to pee on the carpet!!!

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    • The end of your post reminded me of The Lincoln Electric Company. An old company that at the last I was aware of never had an employee laid off. Everyone was equal during bad and good times.

    • As I sit here with my hand raised eagerly waiting for cce_gtw to call on me so I can speak in turn. I wonder...before I speak

      Look at the shares held by board members, look at the number of shares held by companies that have a business relationship with CCE. The shareholders that should have their best interest in mind is a small group with lots of money.

      Considering management and the board have no accountability. How could the board watch, since 1986, CCE function with inadequate leadership in the HR function.

      PG was the caretaker for ALm's sperm bank. His idea to address diversity was to offer a boat load of money in the form of options to division gm's if they made their "numbers". He was rewarded with stewardship of camp CC. Is that being responsible to the shareholders?

      Has the board been responsible to shareholders, customers, or employees regarding the HR leadership? Not one bit. When will they?

      The board will probably steer CCE to where KO wants it, with seemingly little regard for responsibility to shareholders.

      The board and sr management in Wilwood has not made any tough personnel decisions in comparison to the decisions made by sr managers in the field that saw and felt the impact first up close.

      It certainly appears that over time the board has made horrific decisions followed by horrific remedies to mistakes. Don't count on sr management and the board to do the right thing now.

      You obviously had a rewarding and enjoyable career and you see things in simplest terms more so than reality. Do you know any of the 50k plus domestic employees?

      Do you have any idea of the dreams the bulk of them had when they first went to work in the system? As my time in the system grew I developed a deep sense of pride in the history of that small bit of caramel colored, fizzed up sugar water I was pushing and what it ment to the consumer...enjoyment. What it meant to the workers...enjoyment.

      People hold onto their jobs because they have to, too many good people hold on to them because they remember what it was and see what it could be.

      It is sad when survival is the primary motivation. These are not unhappy employees venting on the board they are proud hard working achievers that know what is right and don't like what they see.

      At one point in time I wanted my kids to find their own way in this system...not now. They will be better off somewhere else, I will stick it out futilty hoping something happens from the top that will return greatness to this system.

    • Let me understand your approach to gaining objective, thoughtful insight. You prefer to read articles in a newspaper or industry rag that survives, even prospers, by sucking up to the Coca-Cola brand for advertising revenue and content?

    • Who exactly, do you think, has the controlling votes? Read your proxy statement, do the math, your vote, never counts. Your vote never will count. The incentive plans are designed, inserted, and paid.

      Yes, I cash the checks too. That's the least I can do.

    • callme....I had my first subscription to HBR more than 25 years ago. I liked In Search of Excellence and SunTzu. Jack Welch is OK except now we know a little more about his moral character. Pretty big fan of Deming and Juran for quality management ideas long before SixSigma became the latest rage. I have been a student of big business and decision making for over 25 years. So are you are saying only HBR or similar contributors should run the company ?

      Besides, I went to the school of knowledge called Coke U. Here is sage advice I learned from managers while at CCE. These are paraphrased quotes.....

      You don't need to know what you are doing. It is only important for your employees to think you know what you are doing. Said by a now VP.

      MBA, you don't need an MBA. I don't have an MBA and I am quite successful. Said by a now VP.

      Performance Reviews are not important when promotions come up. No one looks at Performance Reviews when considering candidates for promotion. Said by a then and now VP.

      While many posts have a critical edge, your posting is consistent with the culture of shut up and get to work. We don't need your thoughts or ideas because we already have the answers. All you need to do is what we tell you to do.

      Your post also failed to deny the truth of the critiques. You just want the noise to go away. Again, consistent with the culture.

      So callme, what are you doing in your leadership role to foster an inclusive and particpative culture ? Give us some examples of the modern leadership styles you learned at CCE and how you embody them every day. Isn't that part of your job description in PDS ?

      Give us some good news to hang our hopes on.

      The ball is in your court.

    • You said:

      "Status quo is not the solution. Which is probably why Get To Work spent all last week updating his resume and his portfolio. He probably feels like a Bill Clinton Democratic appointee just after Bush defeated Gore. He knows he was given the job based on who he knows and not what he knows and it is a matter of time before he is held accountable for performance.�

      Well now this should be an all time low for you. Maybe someday you will understand that your words hold now meaning when you vent your frustrations on people who challenge your way of thinking. Keep it up; people are starting to learn about the real you, a disgruntled employee. So exactly when did those around you quite listening to you and you resorted to coming to this board?

      Try harder, people need to know the real you.

    • Analyst, if we were talking DuPont, GE, IBM, WalMart, or any one of a hundred other multinational companies with a pedigree of excellence I would agree with you on tough decision making.

      We are not talking about a company with a pedigree of solid decision making. When senior management is truly talented, they anticipate changes in the market place and avoid over staffing or under staffing and instead have a continuous strategic vision of the direction of the company and they stick with it. They get it right without sacrificing human beings.

      When senior management manages according to the direction of the wind with a lack of understanding of the work environment and a lack of understanding of the dynamics of the business there are re-organizations on top of re-organizations and pay structure changes on top of pay structure changes with no continuity or consistency in the words or actions taken. At some point the company loses its fundamental identity and the front line employees lose confidence in senior management to guide them in any direction much less the correct direction.

      In my previous company, every employee was on the same bonus structure. The guiding philosophy of the company is EVERY employee contributes to success. Pay is already a reflection of responsibility and skills and talent. Bonuses are equally earned.

      That is one way of Putting People First.

    • I love the knowledge on this board. I guess you negative-types have written NY times best-sellers on Value-Creation and Corporate Org Behavior. How many Harvard Business Review articles are u in?

      My bet - you are a bunch of losers with no life except espousing your petty & pessimistic views on a nameless & faceless forum. Man-up and write an article to your local paper, AJC or Bev, if you're that disgusted. If not, shut up and get a real life.

    • I know for a fact that what I am saying is true. Have a look at our proxy forms to see what kind of incentives ou vote for.

    • netanalyst_2000, you don't honestly believe what you wrote, do you? After all, CCE and KO have missed their targets year in and year out and the bonuses get paid. Terrible misses. Just curious... do you think last year's drop in CapEx enabled management to hit free cash flow targets? If so, was that good or bad for the shareholders? lol! You are so naive, that the Peter Principle now has a new wrinkle, ineptitude spawns admirers.

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