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  • dtkoke dtkoke Feb 25, 2006 4:40 PM Flag

    Is this the real deal with Central Coke

    Audits have been completed, inventory has been taken, and people are shaking in their shoes that it is offical, The take over date is March 1st.
    Most plant managers think their jobs are on the line, as well as all the other managers. Is the deal signed for the 1st? Is it good for the employees if its a deal, or are they going to be looking for a new job also? Can anyone answer these questions that are being asked from the little people stuck in the middle of this mess?

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    • No problem. Those 20mil cases are incremental - will show up as positive growth for CCE, or will help offset losses in other parts of the company (LA, etc).

      CCE will be forced to spend $$$ to get former Central territories up to speed with the rest of the company. Handhelds have been ordered - next will be the transfer of IT, HR, and other departments to the appropriate offices (Brandon, Hawthorne, etc). Not to mention severance packages for upper management.

      Further down the road will be more aggressive spending for additional cold drink equipment, shelf space, increase in sales staff/field teams, and winding down production in Hagerstown (if CCE chooses to - it seems like the consensus is that they will). Gotta spend $ to make $.

      Remember, Coke NY was #2 behind PBG/COBO before CCE bought them out. I see good things ahead for the former Central areas.

    • gotlotstosay, ...ethics? morals? It's basic info...! Let's get this on some realistic footing... Even with the Central Coke takeover, analysts are forecasting revs, according to Yahoo, at $19.3B, after last year's $18.7. That's 3%. Quite interesting...

      Considering that includes the takeover of Central, aren't analysts forecasting below, BELOW, the management forecast for volume and price growth? It looks to me that more CCE people need to have their desks moved outside to chase business! Wall Street is not buying into management forecasts whatsoever. Looks like organic growth is suspect, to say the least. Yet...

      the full picture needs to be considered. What is happening to supplier costs? And overhead? Somehow, I think they will grow at more than 3%. gotlotstosay, will you settle for no raise? ...your health insurance coverage increase eats up that 3%.

    • My desk is atually located very nicely. I can't see the grass and the squirrels play below...I never see the squirrels.

      Because I have ethics, morals, and a mind of my own...therefore...certain lines I won't cross, there is nobody under my desk, I am not going to give you what you want.

      Get it from your finanacial planner.

    • Would anyone have info on this takeover and any others in 2005? What were the sales at Central? Profits? Margins? If need be, relate them to ratios at CCE (higher, lower, etc.). Any guidance appreciated. I note that analysts are forecasting $19.3B for revs in 2006 at CCE. They were $18.7B in 2005. Trying to understand what is organic growth vs. bought. gotlotstosay, might you be able to fill me in with our knowledge of the industry and Coca-Cola system?

    • You obviously could not.

    • Is this your version of Karl Marx rhetoric? We're on an investing website. Karl Marx is welcome. But this..., well, I think you can do better if you try.

    • A work force produces results that are impacted by the management agenda. The agenda is the big question.

      In the case of CCE it is the work ethic of the employees demonstrated in the volume and cash generated results. The management by management of the cash is the visual measurement.

      If you had the slightest clue of what this business entails you would have been able to see the big picture as you read the post by newcce...obviously you don't.

      Therefore it is apparent you would fail as a sr manager at cce. As I said before you would beat the shit out of an organization to produce "results".

      The employees of CCE now combined with CC are a working machine that you couldn't possibly understand or manage.

      A lot of us posters fully understand what I speak of, some in the know understand that CCE was never intended to produce the kind of results you would approve of.

      Practice what you preach...someone (such as yourself) that has never worked for the organization on this board has no platform to question results and employee ethics on this board.

      Aside from that this board benefits from time to time by hearing from you, the knucklehead to serve as a reminder of the people types that ruin this company and misrepresent its fine people and products.

      Have you brushed that tooth yet?

    • Working hard? What does this mean? CCE employees, however "hard" they work, achieve an ROI less than the cost of capital. That is indicative of an overall waste of not just money, but human capital. I would therefore question what is going on at CCE. It could be that it doesn't work smart. Or that it doesn't work hard. Maybe both. What having this truly poor ROI does mean is that no CCE employee has a platform to question the results and employee work ethic of another organization!!! In essence, since this piss poor ROI has been the case for way too long, CCE as an organization doesn't achieve anything more than a lazy, dumb worker.

    • I have read a lot of things regarding CCE and Central. As a soon to be ex Central new CCE employee, frankly I am looking forward to the change. We went through a change in leadership 5 or 6 years ago, and that guy did a lot to make us better prepared for the world according to CCE. We have had many leadership changes in the past, that frankly, in my opinion, this is just one more. Most diffently for the better this time. Change, sure it is coming, but change is good, provided we are given the tools and opportunity. Some of us will make it, some of us won't, but hey, lets get on with the changes and get on with selling the greatest softdrink in the world. Looking forward to a positive change.

    • There has been some insightful replies to your post. Obviously their are some good people encouraging you and offering sound common sense advice.

      Some joke that CCE stands for Constantly Changing Environment. Life is constanly changing, sometimes the change is subtle and we don't notice waking up with 32 years tenure...or suddenly being in the same place with different rules and outcomes.

      Working at CCE is no different than working anywhere else...the good stuff is there and the bad stuff is can survive and you can flourish, if, like others have said your can lead through change. For the most part the business you are in is fun, there a other companies that could be worse to work for.

      You should evaluate your past work history. Do you have one year experience 32 times, do you have 2 years experience 16 times? Look at what you have done to see what you can do and what you need. Someone else is looking you should to.

      Long ago the Johnston Group which has had a significant impact on CCE mentality and culture used a formula to calculate labor needs. It was for every 31,000 cases of volume you could have one your facility produces 310,000 cases per year you could have 10 employees. That was the benchmark not necessarily the rule. So do some math.

      After you have done the math take a look at redundant positions such as payroll "clerks", the size of finance, positions such as accounts receivable and payable are at risk.

      CCE has adapted a cookie cutter approach to structure. If you are a Sales Manager reporting to a Branch Manager you may be at risk based on the volume your facility generates. If you are a Branch Manager you may be come a Sales Manager.

      Cold Drink is another area that may have "fat" to trim. I consider Cold Drink to be a primary target for "improvement"

      Take a look at the number at your sales brancehes on a map, how close are they to larger or smaller CCE branches as well as CC branches and see where strategic consolidation would be a business decision.

      You are an experienced business person, with ties to the community, as one person said think positive, speak positive act positve whether you stay or go elsewhere.

      If there was an effort to grow volume by CC over the last 2 years...rough roads lie ahead. My advice to you...prepare yourself to move on inside or outside of CCE, watch your back...this kinda shit brings out the worst and true face in some people.

      If you are asked if you like what you do...yes is not the best answer... it is better to like the business you are in and to be competent (be able to prove it) at what you do with a track record of successfully adapting to change. Most of all do not bad mouth anyone.

      Best wishes to all, if I can make it anyone can.

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