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  • bryan2475 bryan2475 Jan 31, 2008 6:18 PM Flag

    CE live?

    Can anyone please tell me who has already went live with CE to explain to me how the SLAM pos. or AM pos. is changing? It seems that people are posting a lot of garb on here. I just want details of the new job titles and descriptions. Are they getting rid of the old guys to bring in college grads or what? how is pay affected for those who stay?

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    • droptinebuck May 20, 2008 7:56 PM Flag

      that's right. And without a clue. retraining.

    • Seems the trick with CE is that when the new AM's replace the ones who didn't make the cut, just be patient and wait. You will eventually end up with more heads than before the process began.

    • They postponed it in my Market Unit until after Labor Day - they said it was because our summer season was too busy to roll out now - we all think they are starting to realize that there are problems that need to be fixed before they go forward anymore.

    • We are going though the CE process right now, will go live on 3/31. I can tell you that they have a predetermined amount of externals that they want to bring in. The roleplay is the biggest part in the interview.

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      • We went live in January and now each AM has more accounts than they can properly take care of in a day. 12 hr workdays are the norm. 3 months in and now it is more about putting out fires and running through accounts just to make t-com time.

      • Your SCM & HR will tell you that the role play is the biggest part of the interview process, but they already know who will stay and who will go. I know people that aced the role play and were offered a severance. Others that practically froze in the role play were allowed to keep their jobs. Outside candidates have already been reviewed. Watch how quickly they get called in for their "second" interview. For those of you that stay you will be asked not to discuss your salary. Company doesn't want the newbies to know how much you make and they certainly don't want the newbies to know how much the employees that are leaving earned.

      • The dumbass that came up with that program should be beat! Good, dependable, knowledgeable employees that have countless years experience and excellent relationships with valued customers are let go to bring in the "roleplay allstars!"

        What a freaking joke!

    • It may be a combination of both new hires giving up/not making the grade and staffing up. Serves CCE right, with CE a lot of good people were cut, and many others saw what CE was about to bring and took advantage of the severance package. Many of those that stayed on are regretting their decision because they are not meeting unrealistic expectations. With unreasonable frequencies, high minimum deliveries, non-competitive prices, and basically an attitude of "we will do what's right for CCE, to hell with the paying customer" sales centers in the Great Lakes region are getting their butts kicked. Even if the sales centers are allowed to ramp up the sales staff backe to pre CE days they will not make up the volume losses in local markets for years. Pepsi is laughing everday, all the way to the bank. Meanwhile morale sucks, good people that knew how to elevate mood and numbers are gone, routes are already being redone. Also heard today that the Erie sales center dismissed the sales center manager. You can bet nobody above the sales center wants to accept responsibility for the mess that sales center is in. But those that created and orchestrated CE will keep drawing their salary and blame the local people for poor performance. On the bright side, numbers have fallen so much that sooner or later their will have to be a moderate increase, and my bet is that will be later. Then the CE fools can slap each other on the back and congratulate each other.

    • You want to wait and see? SEE the amount of acct mgr positions that are posted on the website. Either the new hires have already given up or we are staffing back up to pre-ce days.

    • If these folks took pay cuts to work at CCE, then one might speculate they couldn't cut the mustard where they were. I guess they are finding out the grass is not always greener.

      But then maybe they were really hired for positions other than account managers and are cutting their teeth as account managers.

      What are they learning about the business, the company, the product line, the customer and consumer buying habits?

      An MBA should be able to put those learnings to good use if they don't wash out. Hiring overqualified people in "entry level" positions is one way to clean house, and one way to build bench strength.

      We will just have to wait and see how this all washes out.

    • These new "professional" sales people are starting to see what this company is about. Many of the new ones are very experienced with backgrounds such as pharmaceutical sales. I am aware of some with MBA degrees. I wonder how long these over-qualified individuals are going to last? They are getting beat up everyday by pissed off customers along with insufficiant training. I am sure some have taken a pay cut to work here.

    • It is worthy of disscusion. And what you said is not what I said.

      From my perception the face of cce has not resembled the face of the community cce does business in with regards to certain positions and it has been that way for a long long time.

      I do remember in the past the idea was brought up by a 14th floor vp and discussed by some to incentivise VPGM's to the tune of maybe 25,000 stock options if they were to "hit" their EEOC numbers. That idea went down in a blaze of glory, as well it should have.

      It should have gone down because that very thought missed the point that the problem has always been perceived as the good old boy system rules and that there was a flaw in hiring and promoting.

      Why not implement a major program that has an element that by accident or intent can set things right like customer service, the right people in the right positions, and abiding by the law.

      As far as affirmative action, you don't have a clue.

    • so you're suggesting that cce has implemented a major program whose only objective is to hire minorities. so everytime a minority gets hired its only about affirmative action. and everytime a white person gets hired its about the good ol' system and racism. please. let's move on. this is not worthy of discussion.

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