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  • wisdom_watcher wisdom_watcher Jan 22, 1998 8:49 AM Flag

    Important Stock News & Tip!

    The stock LOCK is moving up very nicely--but before considering it read the important "news" as to why, and why President Clinton and the entire national law enforcement establishment are excited about this very new and unique gun safety equipment!

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    • Look for CCE to continue it's steady growth. It has never disappointed. 6 months may only get us back to where it was (37 or so, but if you hold on to this thing I don't think that anyone would argue that you wouldn't see your money double every 3 - 4 years. I almost doubled mine in 9 months (May - January). Of course, there was a 3 - 1 split involved.

      Investors, and I don't mean speculators, always look for quality.
      Coke has, is and always will be an icon.

      The only negative thing that could happen to Coke would be a complete vilification of the USA in world opinion.

    • Well, now that I've had a chance to read today's WSJ, I think I can feel a little more optimistic about CCE's future. KO yesterday announced solid volume growth last quarter, though EPS growth was somewhat tempered by international circumstances. I imagine the CCE will get a bit of support by the strength of its parent.

      Best wishes,

    • I also agree with Lel, but maybe a bit more optimistic. Looking at the charts for the past year, CCE seems to recover very quickly from any sudden down-falls. It's been above 37 twice in January, and I looking for 37 again sometime in late Feb. early March. (don't ask why, just my huntch) However, when it hits 37, I'll probably sell and start looking for another entry point, depending of the foreign markets and our current military situation overseas.

    • I'm really poor at making predictions. CCE vastly outperformed the market last year, but I won't delude myself into thinking that it will do the same this year.

      Barring any surprises (missed earnings, market meltdown, etc.) I would expect CCE to continue to edge upwards. I think a reasonable target for 6 months would be the upper 30s, which would represent a 10-20% increase in share price. This would bring it back to its recent highs. I can't really offer any solid justification, other than the company's stability, decent earnings growth, significant acquisitions, and competent management. But please don't hold me to this shaky prediction.

      Best wishes,

    • give me your honnest prediction target price for cce assumming that the market overall doesn't crash, nor do extremely well.
      what do ya think. bullish or bearish???

    • It seems difficult to dissect out the precise effect of the share repurchase program, since it came on the wake of an earnings report and a subsequent downgrade. Also, this repurchase plan appears to be different from other plans I have heard of, since it only offers to buy shares from management, not from small stockholders like us.

      I don't know if we'll be seeing the high 30s anytime soon. CCE tends to edge up slowly over time.

      Best wishes,

    • "I dont think the stock repurchase program will have much affect one way or the other."

      Their price continues on the decline, I'm starting to wonder if the stock repurchase program isn't contributing somehow???? I belive the program is over on Feb 2. Is this correct? Hopefully, the price will recover back to the upper 30's. Still a novice at this..

    • Please do not propagate your stockpicks here in this CCE message board.

      If you are a professional you will take this comment in good spirits

      Have fun

    • I agree, this is not the place for that type of message and we don't won't to hear it here!


    • How many places have you posted this message? The last time I checked, this was a message board for CCE.

      Now back on topic. Everyone probably already has read the news about Merrill Lynch's long-term upgrade of CCE - welcome news in the wake of yesterday's near carnage.

      The 10% expected earnings growth seems to be a bit weak, but then again I've probably been biased by what the tech industry considers to be good earnings. How does this compare with the rest of the food and beverage industry?

      Best wishes,

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