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  • GreeneggsandhamIamSam GreeneggsandhamIamSam Dec 23, 1998 1:00 AM Flag


    I like to get in soon. Are we moving
    up to $40.00 or should one be shorting
    at this time?

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    • I'm short at 40 with a target of 32, but I expect
      I'll have to be patient since the short ratio is so
      high that CCE will probably find support at various
      levels on the way down.
      Concerning analysts: I'm sure
      you know that what they say isn't always what they
      For example, & putting CCE aside for a
      moment, how often do you see a "sell" recomendation for
      any stock? It's pretty rare, because the brokerage
      houses have a built-in conflict-of-interest, and don't
      often say anything bad about a stock because they want
      to underwrite new issues & have relationships with
      investment banks, other brokerage houses, & issuing
      corporations which would be jeopardized if they actually
      suggested to anybody that a stock should be sold, or
      avoided like the plague.
      So when you see
      recommendations like "hold" "maintain" "perform in line" or even
      "accumulate" it really means "sell"
      Even recommendations
      like "out perform" are such tepid endorsements that
      they are really more like "neutral"
      If you hadn't
      noticed this already, take a look at brokerage
      recommendations for a few stocks chosen at random. Better still,
      go back and take a look at recommendations made just
      before stocks have taken a big drop.
      The amount of
      outright lying that goes on about stocks is perhaps the
      highest of any area of society, and it's
      I keep an eye on analyst recommendations only
      because they have an effect on the price, not because I
      give they any credence.
      So could all those analysts
      be wrong? Darn right, and they may even be doing it
      on purpose.
      Good luck, & profitable

    • If you disagree with: S@P eq research, DLJ,
      Schroeder, AG Edwards, Goldman Sachs, Lehman, Bear Stearns,
      Sanford Bernstein, and now Deutsche Bank, then yes CCE is
      a good short candidate.

      I am sorry, but all
      of these analysts cannot be wrong. However, if you
      think they are, then short it and prove them all

      (Deutsche Bank initiated coverage on Friday, target price
      of $43)

      Check out the Atlanta Constitution
      article (last week) for news on CCE.

    • Is CCE still a good short candidate? How about its big brother KO? Last summer you said you would start thinking about going long on KO if it hit $55/share. Getting close now. Your thoughts?

    • a very wealthy beneficiary of the CCE acquisition
      trail. What all you smart " market watchers" and flunkie
      market analysts fail to see is what CCE will look like
      "long" after CCE owns it all. Within 3-5 years all the
      acquisition expenses that have been eating up the the
      operating income and diluting all your pretty industry
      ratios will end. This cash will be unleashed to the
      bottom line with more than enough to pay all the debt
      and bump the dividend.( hopefully bought back by KO)
      Take a little time and do the math. You will see a
      pretty good side of this "pig with lipstick".

    • employees that post to this board has changed his
      handle to "ccewatcher" and is disparaging our powers of
      observation? My only hope is that TOOHIGH and the others who
      have helped uncover the scam are not too offended from
      being left off ccewatcher's "smartest guys on the
      internet" list.

      CCEWATCHER is right about CCE being
      a different animal. IT'S A PIG WITH LIPSTICK ! ! !
      ! !

    • I find it truley amazing that all the great minds
      on wall street are on board with us "long" and the
      two smartest guys on the internet, wrbt99 and
      CCEsceptic, have the world coming to an end tomorrow. I true
      look at CCE reveals an animal like no other. You can't
      compare with KO or Pepsi as neither is truley a bottling
      operation. One clue to the future value of CCE lies in the
      $400 + million in operating profit generated by this
      "pig". Once the acquisitions are over and CCE owns it
      all, this baby will make big money, pay its debt and
      will have no competitors because they are 2-5 years
      ahead of PEPSI.

    • were all downgrades. DUH ! ! ! Your post said you
      were not going to jump ship until "real" analysts
      started downgrading. Have a nice swim.

      New highs
      are not far away, they are here now. 1998 full year
      $.28/share earnings, $34 stock price = 121P/E ! ! ! On
      Tuesday it was even better,$36 stock price = 129 P/E ! !

    • SP eq. research-top power
      Schroder- perform in line
      AG Edwards-
      Goldman- mkt outperform
      Lehman bros-buy
      Stearns- buy
      Sanford Berstein- outperform
      wrbt99- "a
      dumping ground"
      CCEsceptic-"bloated pig"

      I am
      not jumping ship until "real" analysts start
      New highs are not far away!!!

    • for a real dose of reality click on the PROFILE
      for CCE, then click on the RATIO COMPARISONS. CCE's
      performance numbers are laughable . . . .look at Financial
      Strength, Profitability Ratios, Margins, Management
      Effectiveness, Revenue/Employee, etc, etc.

      The simple
      facts are that the Industry, the Sector and the S&P500
      averages all blow away the pathetic operating results of
      CCE, both on one year AND five year comparisons ! ! !
      ! It is amazing to me that any rational, objective
      investor could possibly see how CCE could be sitting with
      a 120P/E based on these results. Stock
      manipulation, anyone ? ? ? ? ?

      But heck, the numbers
      are so lousy, maybe the only way they can go is up.
      Good luck to all you optimists but it sure does look
      like this thing has flown about as high as a bloated
      pig can go ! ! !

    • CCE will eventually be the only bottler in North
      America. Coca-Cola Consolidated may be the next to

      19 percent growth and growing stronger. Earnings
      were diluted by acquisitions.

      10 percent
      increase in cash flow. Maybe CCEsceptic was looking at a
      different earnings report.

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