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  • voltorb07 voltorb07 Apr 28, 1999 2:51 PM Flag

    All is not sunny in Cokeland

    As a long-term employee, I have a close view of
    the workings of CCE. Management can talk all they
    want to about safety and non-discrimination, but the
    truth is that when product needs to be produced,go
    somewhere, or be set up, safety is the fartherest thing on
    their minds. Blantant discrimination occurs with the
    tacit approval of Houston management and threats of
    firing are a standard tool to control employees. Have I
    registered my concerns with management? Yes, and was
    threatened with termination. The Coca-Cola Company was
    always a very good career choice and I wish it was
    today. With the current attitude, all I want is to reach
    my retirement age intact.

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    • People had the same idea with AOL. They bought at
      150 looking for a move back to 165. They bought at
      135 looking for the bounce to 150. They bought at 118
      looking for 131. Today it closed at 99. Buying the dips
      in a down market will get you broke. The next big
      move for both KO and CCE is down. The only thing
      holding them up is high short interest. The truth about
      CCE is that their wagon is $13 BILLION in debt and
      inextricably hitched to a tired, outdated product that's
      getting increasingly passed on in the marketplace both
      domestically and internationally. Despite management's efforts
      to mislead investors with references to increasing
      cash flow- earnings before interest,taxes,
      depreciation and amortization- the fact is the company is
      awash in red ink. The interest only payments on their
      debt are now approaching $900,000,000 annually. A
      substantial amount of stock used for last year's bottling
      acquisitions is scheduled to come on the market around July 1.
      Look for this junk to trade in the low 20's, maybe
      high teens by fall.

    • Back to $30 again and as usual then up to
      $36. What a great way to make $$$$$ up and

    • Looks like Wall Street is banking on CCE's price increases to increase revenue. I wonder how Pepsi is doing with its Star Wars promos? When will Dasani be here?

    • The only sales I have seen were in April. Looks like these insiders aren't too bright, they have missed about $4.......

    • Since I shorted - - - back to $30.
      Then up to $40.

    • ypu can,t be smart all the time.
      CCE has a good background,so if you
      play with fire you get burnt once in

    • I also have ridden the wave of CCE's ups and
      This is the first time it's costing me money.
      Maybe some of you were right. Maybe CCE can go higher
      this year. Any one still working for CCE that can give
      us some insight into how the business is going?

      On another note: I ran a 5M road race this week at
      which CCE was a sponsor. Ran into an old pal of mine.
      He informed me that Terry Marks (VP of NE DIV) was
      promoted to Atlanta. He was not a people person...only a
      numbers guy..nice enough though. He also said that the
      new guy coming has people skills and they are hoping
      things get better in the NE division. I hope so for
      their sakes and for the business. He also said they
      finally realize that they don't have the relationships in
      the marketplace that they used to due to the constant
      revolving door and that they are going to try to retain
      some of the talent that has slipped out the door. He
      said that too many have left and that some of those
      that have stayed aren't worth their weight in sand.

    • I've been riding this up and down between
      and $36 and making money both ways. This
      is now
      costing me mega $$$$$ because I'm
      waiting for CCEs
      return back to $30 as I
      shorted. Maybe its topped
      and will start
      back down this week. Probably it's
      at its
      yearly high in the $37s.

      CCE will
      hit $40 in the next couple of years.
      People do
      like Coca-Cola products.

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