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  • mmmparsley mmmparsley Jul 21, 2003 10:35 PM Flag

    DSLN has more momentum.

    I know there are alot of bashers saying this stock is going to tank tomorrow. I respectfully disagree.

    The main news from Texas intruments earnings release today was the upcoming boon in broadband. Texas intruments announced that broadband is taking an ever-increasing amount of the market share.

    If many of you bashers who cite the 9million dollar loss next year took into consideration that the loss is beginning to decrease every quarter, you'd realize that this stock will keep the 30 million for a lot longer than you are anticipating.

    This stock is only a dollar. If this stock was 7 dollars, your argument about losing cash last quarter would be prudent. However, 1 dollar stocks don't just sit around with 10 dollar valuations for people to get rich quick.

    Anybody who invests in this stock should know that this company has no guarantee of becoming profitable. However, the prospects are looking rosier and rosier. I think at a dollar a share, this stock is one of the best bets out there.

    Other recommendations. VWPT and LOUD.