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  • rml360 rml360 Apr 29, 2004 11:05 PM Flag

    if you ever read my posts read this one

    here's an excerpt from an article I found pretty interesting: one more thing listed below: will aim high
    Buddy Pickle ready to market hard
    "Somebody in this room will be the next Microsoft. I'm convinced of it, because broadband is the key to the future," Buddy Pickle told a wireless meeting four years ago, as he rode Teligent to the top of the boom. After Teligent, he tried fiber at Velocita, and now is in wireline, replacing David Struwas at Their network is extraordinary, with facilities throughout most major east coast cities. SBC funded that network, built by NAS, when they were considering the national/local strategy. SBC intended to compete with Verizon, who was buying NorthPoint to get national facilities, and AT&T, intending in 2000 to aggressively market bundles. picked up the assets for pennies on the dollar, and Pickle now needs to provide sales energy and create earnings. An extraordinary 10 million options are part of his hiring package., like New Edge, was created when Wall Street money thought small town DSL would be as profitable as the major cities NorthPoint, Rhythms, and Covad were wiring. A $3B investment in those companies was worth about $17B at the peak, and VC's and private equity funded a dozen other DLECs looking for similar returns. Nearly all have failed, but and New Edge survived by changing business models. New Edge became primarily a systems house, and reports positive EBITDA. resold Covad in the larger cities, and bought NAS for a major market presence. They've cut back several times as revenues have been hard to find, meaning a super-salesman as CEO may be highly effective. With luck, their recent 63 layoffs will be their last, and their NASDAQ problems get resolved happily. However "the company has experienced sustained operating losses that raise substantial doubt about its ability to continue as a going concern.�

    proof that DSLN and verizon are in talks:

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