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  • onemightybrighttostida onemightybrighttostida Nov 6, 2000 3:03 PM Flag

    A big drop is forthcoming if Bush wins

    CNBC just stated how big oil will win big and alternative stocks will do poorly if Bush wins. I can't believe people are voting for this ecology callous pig.

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    • Yeah, that was my question too, since in order to bookmark his useful summary on my site I had to bookmark the yahoo post.

    • I'm sure you know that in politics, just as in
      the stock market, such differences are what makes the
      world go round. Also, To each his own, and Vive la

      Of course, the real truth is somewhere in the
      middle. Both candidates are/were to far from the



    • respect to the election. Sunfund supports GORE.

    • I'm afraid your post is sad but pretty much true. It's not over yet! But regardless of the outcome, we'll likely all work with what we get. Ugh.


    • Clinton:
      Elected Arkansas Attorney General in
      Elected Governor of Arkansas in 1978, serving as Governor
      for 14yrs.

      Governor for 6 years
      (nearly a part-time job in Texas)
      (Shall we consider
      the several failed businesses here too?)

      is "virtually as much" experience? Nevermind that he
      was also a Rhodes scholar. And thankfully Michael
      Dukakis was defeated - in part for his lack of

      I would gladly discuss issues, if only the Bush
      campaign were inclined to do the same. The reason Bush did
      so well in the debates? Gore was not permitted to
      discuss issues directly with Bush. If you recall the 3rd
      debate, Bush floundered horribly when Gore began asking
      him direct questions about "his" positions.

      As for your reasons:
      1) Bush will reduce taxes
      for ALL Americans...

      Response: Most of this
      tax-cut will go to the wealthiest 1% (about 35-40%,
      depending on the study) The average American will see very
      little in tax savings under Bush's plan.

      Bush won't engage in casual lying the way Gore appears

      Response: Bush failed to answer honestly about his arrest
      record. Not necessarily a big deal, but he is the one
      claiming the greater integrity. He is constaintly spinning
      Gore's remarks (lying), accussing Gore of fuzzy math
      when it is he that in fact has trouble with addtion -
      you can go to the video tape for that one.

      Clinton's Tax increase? Yeah, it happened, but the Clinton
      administration also delivered a budget surplus.

      A Bush Administration will restore the moral and
      power of the U.S. military. ...

      Response: Given
      Bushes clear ignorance of foreign policy, I am quite
      nervous about how he will handle our military and how he
      will protect our international interests. He has no
      experience or real knowledge - save a cheat-sheet with
      foreign leaders name's on it. And, Dick Cheney supported
      the reduction in the military forces.

      Record in Texas:
      Education? All of the increases in
      test scores occurred prior to his assuming office - he
      had nothing to do with them.

      Texas' Budget
      Surplus? The foundations for the Texas surplus were built
      by Anne Richards, not GW.

      The Environment?
      Houston has become the "smog capital" of the U.S. Texas
      leads the U.S. in toxic industrial air pollution. Texas
      leads the U.S. in violation of clean water discharge

      In regard to the economics of subsidizing oil
      companies, or any other industry, you may pick up Milton
      Friedman's, Capital and Freedom.

    • Gore did not lose any debates. Gore is by far a
      much more intelligent person than Bush. It was more
      than obvious in the debates. People were disappointed
      by Gore because they felt he was too harsh in the
      first debate. In the second they thought he was a
      push-over. Then in the third he was perfect, but what do the
      public see??? �Uh, well, Gore, um, seems like he doesn�t
      know how to be himself, um he is kinda fake, uh, like
      he has multiple personalities or something. He, uhh,
      wants to just please the public, he can�t just be
      himself.� This is why he slid in the debates. Because
      people thought it was WRONG to try to adjust to what the
      people want. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THAT!!??
      Obviously anyone with half a brain would do likewise. All
      his substance, ideas, yadayadayada, were all the
      same. He knew what he was talking about and spoke
      confidently and intelligently about practically everything he
      had to say. Bush, on the other hand sounded like a
      complete idiot. And by the way, to answer your question
      about why people thought he lost the debate and Bush is
      getting more than half the vote? Many people are
      uneducated, unaware, and some just plain stupid. I think you
      may take the cake for the latter of the 3.

    • Oh yeah
      The current administration has done
      squat for alternative energy.
      No, money is going
      into alternative energy because the smart people
      realize that the same thing is true about hydrocarbons
      that is true about land. To quote the late great Will
      Rogers: THEY AIN'T MAKIN ANY MORE OF IT. Thus, the amount
      remaining to be discovered decreases every year in an
      amount equal to the amount consumed. Then knock off that
      portion that isn't recoveerable, at least not easily.
      Then figure out the margin cost for recovering oil and
      gas from less hospitable locations and what that
      means for the long-run price of oil and gas. The smart
      money knows that right now OPEC doesn't really have
      much in the way of excess capacity. Then figure out
      how quickly the cost of alternative energy forms is
      dropping. At some point those cost curves cross and there
      will be a GIANT EXPLOSION and a money making
      opportunity not seen since the birth of the electronics

      Whether or not Bush wins has nothing to do with it. After
      all, the incentives for installing solar are coming at
      the state level and internationally.


    • GW BUSH will win tomorrow. This will be a hugh
      victory for oil stocks because oil prices will go higher.
      Higher oil prices will most definitely benefit APWR. The
      trend toward solar works hand in hand with a total
      energy strategy for the world. The BUSH outcome will be
      a major plus for APWR.

      • 4 Replies to tbones912
      • Um.. dude.....what makes you think oil prices will rise?

      • Oil prices will more than likely not going any
        higher unless some form of turmoil erupts in the middle
        east. Regardless of whether or not Bush wins prices
        will remain, essentially, unchanged. Higher oil prices
        won't drive this stock any higher. This stock price has
        already factored in high oil prices. People have come to
        the conclusion that they may perhaps over done it.
        This stock is not trading on fundamanetals but on
        skepticism of a potential solar future. A Gore win, IMO,
        will boost this stock considerably as, in turn, Bush
        will send this stock lower. It is simple, Gore will
        subsidize $ for the solar and renewable industry and Bush
        will subsidize $ for the oil boys. It's plain and
        simple. Solar, at least for the next couple years, won't
        make it to mainstream commercialization, as long as
        tax incentives, credits, etc, don't exist. I for one,
        am a believer, of solar power and what it has to
        offer. I'm just a little apprehensive, at the moment,
        about putting money into this company.

      • Sorry, my message, just preceeding, was not by sunfund. It was from sunfundasst.

      • One of the standard stump items of the Bush
        Speech is, "How many of you have solar panels on your
        roof?" He then finds none.

        He then says, "That
        is what kind of tax saving Gore will give you". This
        is followd by, "I will reduce taxes for

        Do you think Bush plans to foster solar cells?
        do not think so.

    • Right on. I agree....I haven't met one bush
      supporter. So, where are they all hiding?!

      Also, can
      someone tell me where to find this info on the current
      short positions, amount shorted, amount covered, etc?