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  • sunfundasst sunfundasst Mar 23, 2001 5:43 PM Flag

    Mr. Hebert fiddles while the West Burns

    I have never met the people you comment on. I know little about their lives from the press.

    Your remarks may be libelous or true. You should offer us reason to believe that your remarks are not libel.

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    • Whoa, me friend; I haven't met many of these folks either, though I have met some, including Davis. "Libelous or true," you say, is a too often way to silence critics of those in power. I have never been frightened off by such threats.
      There are some independent California newspapers, and particularly the independent cable news shows, but also MSNBC's Chris Mathews, who have interviewed people like Pat Cawtrell (?) who have publicly labeled Davis as corrupt. Other than the true believers, and there aren't many left here, I thing most literate & independently, politically engaged Californians believe that something is really rotten in Sacramento. Finally, and if you require such, you can check out my political bio-stuff, which I have listed with the Yahoo folks. Pax&Luv&AllThat Later.