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  • walrathcrai walrathcrai Jul 11, 2013 1:48 AM Flag

    Hey Liz


    I've had some fun jousting with you but lately your posts are as fun to read as root canal. I would suggest in the future that you get to the point faster and try being more humble. I'll try to do the same.

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    • This concrete enough for you? It's my full brokerage transaction details for NTI. Initial put sale plus 2 rolls gave total of ~$2500 into my account. Next roll will happen on July 22nd and will result in another ~$500 into my account for total of ~$3000. This will continue indefinitely with about $2000 per year coming into my account for this security. I do this on about 50 different securities. Explain again how I am not winning by doing this, no matter whether any individual roll is a paper gain or loss?

      Date Type Description Categories (hide) Amount ($)
      04/22/13 Sold Short 10 NTI Dec 21 '13 $22.50 Put(NTI) @ $2.05 2,040.77
      04/22/13 Bought To Cover 10 NTI Sep 21 '13 $22.50 Put(NTI) @ $1.55 -1,559.18

      01/22/13 Sold Short 10 NTI Sep 21 '13 $22.50 Put(NTI) @ $2.28 2,270.76
      01/22/13 Bought To Cover 10 NTI Jun 22 '13 $22.50 Put(NTI) @ $1.78 -1,789.18

      12/21/12 Sold Short 10 NTI Jun 22 '13 $22.50 Put(NTI) @ $1.50 1,486.83

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      • Sounds like a foolproof way of making money. Good for you.

      • All that you've have proven is that you are a punk coward that likes to take swipes at people behind the protection of a PC screen. All the garbage about you being a market guru is just that, if you were what you claim to be you wouldn't be wasting all the time you do on these boards harassing people

      • Could I just get ONE example of a put contract that I could follow?? If you're trying to show your vast knowledge of options fine. But it's not very understandable.

      • Liz,

        It isn't hard to understand your trades and logic behind them. But, I don't understand how there isn't a tax consequence which is what you claimed. When you bought to close the Jun 22.5s on 1/22/13 you incurred a paper loss which rolled over to to Sep 2.5s. On 4/22/13 you closed those for a nice gain on which you must pay tax for short term capital gain. My broker will report it as such. Your paper gain of $2500 can turn into a loss (or no gain) if NTI had a sharp decline. You also would not be able to roll the 22.5 s for much premium if the stock ran much higher like it did earlier in the year and stayed there. I am glad this strategy worked for you, but it only works if the stock trades in a channel as this one did. Any sharp rise or fall would prove this practice wrong.
        Just a suggestion, why not sell some OTM calls as the same time you sell the puts to enhance your gains? Have you done some of it as well?. I actually value your posts and find them quite credible in spite of some of the constant bashing you face on more than one message board. It seems like some people are following you every where. Have you thought of getting some private security with all the money you make from dividends and put options? lol.

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