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  • walrathcrai walrathcrai Jul 12, 2013 11:00 PM Flag

    Liz Writes a Book


    I have received a copy of the latest manuscript by Liz H.
    Chapter One: Being a genius is hard. So many people doubt me. It's incredible how much I have to put up with. I try so hard to explain the obvious to morons but they just won't understand. My investing techniques have made me one of the richest people in the world. Why I even bother to consort with mere mortals I often wonder. But if I can impart just some of my vast knowledge it will be worth it. Now that i have shown that I am the greatest genius the world has ever known I will share with some of you mere mortals some elementary investing techniques in chapter two.

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    • Just received the latest chapter in Liz H's book.
      Chapter Four: Always remember the brokerage house is your friend. The only thing they ever do is charge you tiny commissions. They would never take the other side of the trade against you. And remember options trading always comes out even. For every winner there is a loser. Don't listen to those who say there are options traders buying huge amounts and taking advantage of the peons. That never happens. And there is absolutely no manipulation in the market because it is totally fair at all times and never wrong. That is why I make so much money because I am in sync with the market at all times. And if you listen to me you might be able to be just a little bit like me.

    • Chapter Three: I will now explain how you too can become a genius. Realize you'll NEVER be as smart as I am but we all have to have reasonable goals. The key to making people THINK you're a genius is to act superior. No matter what they say, no matter how reasonable it sounds belittle it. Find fault with it. If you can't find fault say the conclusion was so obvious that it wasn't worth mentioning. In order to be superior you have to act superior. Try it and you will be well on your way to being acclaimed a genius by your friends.

      This is where the manuscript ends. I'm looking forward to receiving more of the book so I can read more brilliant insights from Liz H.

    • Chapter Two: I don't like to lose money investing therefore, I don't. I buy safe investments that pay me a guaranteed 6 or 7%. This of course is only part of my strategy. I never take losses because I never sell. It doesn't matter if the share price goes down because I don't take the loss. I have one investment that has declined from 20 to 9.50 but I haven't sold it so I don't have a loss.
      In addition to never selling and taking a loss the other foolproof idea is to sell puts. If the stock goes up I make money.. If it goes down I just roll the put over and never recognize the loss. As long as you refuse to recognize losses they don't exist. If this doesn't make sense to you stop reading this book now because you're an idiot. In Chapter Three I will explain how you too can become a genius like me.

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      • You missed the point about collecting more money everytime I roll forward.
        All that money adds up and unless the security goes to zero there is no way the cumulative premiums do not end up exceeding the magnitude of the drop.
        If I sell puts for a total exposure of $22,500 as the NTI example in my brokerage listings that I pasted, and I collect $500 every 3 months indefinitely (let's say for ever and ever) on it, can I lose (assuming NTI doesn't go to zero)? What is $2000 per year times infinity? I never have to stop the process, you know.

        And I am putting you on ignore as soon as I finish reading these threads.

    • The stupidest person is the one with the closed mind who doesn't want to learn anything new.
      Ever stranger is the one who asks lots of questions but when people go to great lengths to explain he brushes it off and says he couldn't be bothered to read it.
      What I have discussed is so simple, anyone can understand it.
      You seems to go to great pains to make sure you can't understand it.
      I have put enough effort into explaining things to you because you asked so I assumed you were interested.
      Since you were apparently just trying to waste my time I think I will put you on ignore at this point.
      You are free to still read my posts but there's no point in asking questions because I won't see them.

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