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  • durrett.scott durrett.scott Oct 18, 2013 12:21 PM Flag

    3rd Wolrd Health Care here we come...

    So let's summarize....the design and implementation of the ObamaCare enrollment website has a long list of mistakes that could have been avoided, but instead were compounded by politically motivated decisions made by the Obama administration. And problems likely won't be resolved for months.

    When almost complete, the Department of Health and Human Services removed fundamental elements of the site that would have allowed consumers to actually see the cost of insurance so as to reduce "rate shock." I wonder why - it's cheaper right? I guess even to the true believers knew ObamaCare wasn't affordable or flexible in its options? The truth would have led to reduced enrollment, so HHS opted to reject transparency for the sake of political expediency - shocker! And they still got low enrollment? Odd.
    HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius still refuses to reveal the true number of enrollees, which private sources estimate is a paltry 20% of the government's target for October.

    So Obama and his cronies, fearing Republican and public criticism, opted to keep the construction and testing of the website in-house with trusted campaign tech gurus. Decisions were made behind closed doors, no oversight, etc. What's up with the no-bid contract to CGI Federal to build the site? CGI Group, the Canada-based parent company of CGI Federal, was fired by the Canadian government in 2012 for missing three years of deadlines and developing a substandard product that proved unworkable. Sounds like a good choice, right?

    It will now take several months of continuous patches to a half-billion-dollar website built with decade-old technology and rife with security problems just to gain basic functionality -- like providing the correct information to insurers.

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