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  • sumrtym7 sumrtym7 Nov 5, 2013 8:12 AM Flag

    The "Bush" tax cuts

    Now I don't believe in doing tax cuts if they are not coupled with spending cuts but....the BIPARTISAN bill reached Bush's desk and of course he signed it. For years afterwards I heard the endless whining and decrying of said tax cuts adding to the deficits and the flawed thinking that they help the economy as expected from the left, fair enough.
    Enter the Obama, and super majorities in both house and senate who could've passed any legislation under the sun in a day if they saw fit OR....REPEALED any legislation.
    So...why did they not repeal the evil "Bush" tax cut legislation on the very first day of their libby lovefest?

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    • You have a selective & simplistic mind old feller!

    • What I heard was, the Dems promised spending cuts to go along with it. And they reneged.
      I also heard the same thing happened under Reagan.

      Can anyone substantiate that?


    • First off, putting “BIPARTISAN” in all caps in no way changes the fact that they are the Bush tax cuts and he’s responsible. You and yours were happy to take credit for them all along so it’s a little late to try to spin your way out of responsibility. Anyhoo, those with even the most rudimentary knowledge of economics know you don’t raise taxes or cut spending in a recession. And then you do it very carefully when recovering from a recession. So your “why didn’t they repeal the Bush tax cuts in the middle of the worst recession in 80 years” whine just belies either complete ignorance on your part or a lack of integrity.

      And shouldn’t the people running around screaming in the middle of the worst recession in 80 years explain why then and only then they became concerned about balancing the budget and or paying off the debt especially since conservative policies caused the deficits?

      I think you should go to a debate forum to posit your silly viewpoints. I recommend starting at a beginner one.

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