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  • alphamikea alphamikea Apr 6, 2007 3:57 PM Flag

    Tuesday's conference call

    Let's talk about Tuesday's conference call. Anyone looking for good news? What do you expect and what would you want to hear? Any response?

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    • >also anyone ever consider that maybe it was some of them that put the bug in the ears of the likes of zelnick?<

      Considering that the Rockstar founders were from BMG and Zelnick was CEO of BMG, I really think there is a high probability of this being true.

    • Dude . . . your ignorance is shocking. Developers can't just walk away. They sign contracts with stock vesting periods, trade secret clauses, IP transfer agreements, and non-compete clauses. They have 'golden handcuffs'.

      So if they leave, the lose much of the stock they got in the deal, they also cannot take the code/tools they have built/used over many years with them, they cannot create games that use any of the trademarks/copyrights thay they've used in the past, and they are limited on competing with TTWO for a certain period in the future.

      Yes, non-compete clauses are often difficult to enforce . . . they need to be reasonable in time & scope. But when a company has given you a lot of consideration and the terms are not ridiculous, they will enforce those clauses.

      Yes, individual people leave companies all the time. And even that can be non-trivial . . . there has been a bit of a legal tussle with various Medal of Honor folks that left EA and started doing Call of Duty for ATVI. But when you sign a deal to sell your company to another company, you CANNOT just walk away in the near term. Can you name a single example of that happening.

    • they probably actually have much less in TTWO these days than you think. Rockstar North is pretty much played out and Ken Levine got consideration January 2006 for his Irrational Games label. if they don't like the direction the company is taking they will be much better off walking away and starting their own label for couple million and they turn around and sell to ERTS for couple hundred million in 3 years when new games are ready to come to market for PS3 and XBox 360. plus, installed base with be 10x what it is now and those games will be worth 5x what they are now before they start shipping. it happened to Midaway and Atari don't know what makes Take-Two Interactive that much different exept for talent they have and doubt they will add to it.

    • all this yappin about the housers, levine and the rest leaving is a bunch of nonsense anyone ever consider the fact that they have a vested interest in ttwo as a company. i would wager they own more shares and have options to buy more then every person that has ever posted on this board combined! also anyone ever consider that maybe it was some of them that put the bug in the ears of the likes of zelnick? i don't know about you but if i had hundereds of thousands of shares of ttwo and the fact that the old management was tossed out and my stock went up that would tend to make me happy.... also remember these guys are not old sweat shop forman they are from bmg an entertainment company full of premadonna's i think they know how to treat talent. just my 2 cents capn

    • they going to tell you what a bunch of lying scumbags they are and you were better off with old managment because they actually knew what they were doing with products and new team are bunch of pump and dump assholes that will get Rockstar talent and Ken Levine to walk out door and start a new publishing label. this was a coup to get unemployed friend a job that pays $62,000 a month and $750,000 bonus to make little changes that don't amount to a hill of beans.

      TTWO was at $21 in 2001 and then $7 something like 3 weeks before GTA3 was released then, $23 something like 4 months later. these players are still in game and they will not keep TTWO at $21 whole time before GTA4 is released they will take it down on fear as hard as they can since next 2 quarters TTWO will have loss and then cover couple weeks before GTA4 ships just like last time. maybe this time they will cover earlier dur to Bioshock i don't know. but, i expect TTWO to be substanially under $15 during summer months.

    • I expect very little . . . just some high-level vague talk about their plans that will be filled with Dilbertian buzzwords such as 'monetize, maximize shareholder value, improve efficiencies, etc.'.

      I'd love to hear some specifics and maybe we'll get a couple nuggets, but I certainly don't expect much.

      I just hope it isn't a total snoozer like that annual meeting where either there were no questions or they cut off the Q & A part. (Was anyone there? Does anyone know if there was Q&A?)

    • I'd like to hear them respond to and clarify what the heck all this new talk is about back-dating options. What's that all about?

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