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  • nsthil nsthil Jun 24, 2009 8:50 AM Flag

    Rockstar New England job cuts

    Kath Brice
    09:06 (BST)
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    Rockstar lays off 10% of New England staff - report
    Rockstar Games will make at least ten per cent of its New England development studio redundant, according to a report by Kotaku.

    Sources say the studio's entire QA department will be laid off, as well as artists and employees working across other assorted departments.

    The Massachusetts-based studio, formerly known as Mad Doc Software before its acquisition by Rockstar in 2008, ported Bully to Xbox 360 and is currently working on an unannounced project.

    According to the report, Rockstar isn't enthusiastic about having internal QA departments, instead preferring to use a dedicated QA studio.

    The Grand Theft Auto publisher is said to be helping former New England employees find new jobs.

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    • >>The two minutes I've spent here on you, wasted minutes let's be honest, are all that I'm willing to expend.<<

      More of a waste than posting advice to the chairman of a public company on a stock message board that he doesn't read?

    • jester has hit it on the nail, the analogy applies to a T.

      I would hope that this management has finally gotten religion on costs. A lean and efficient organization could certainly unleash great growth.

      One can only dream.

    • 5 *'s from me. That was not only funny, but it sure as hell could light the bulb in Strauss's head.

    • It's been a long time since I've posted on this board and I can see it's just like Groundhog Day for you. Posting the same useless mindless garbage day in, day out. Still the same angry 16 year old living in your mom's basement that you were yesterday and last year and the year before that. The two minutes I've spent here on you, wasted minutes let's be honest, are all that I'm willing to expend.

    • >>Yet another shareholder you've successfully screwed over. <<

      Translation: 'A whiny fucking moron who blames his investment mistakes on others'.

      Why the hell would you invest in a company that you think you could run better than the management?

    • This is not a surprise. I was very surprised by the original takeover. Mad Doc Software would have gone under in '08 had TTWO not come in to take it over. Why TTWO had any interest in taking over a sub par(not even AA) studio was beyond me. Perhaps it had something to do with their AI technology. At some point, they'll close the rest of this studio.

    • That is so hilarious and also a great analogy. It gets you a Recommend, LOL

    • Yeah, they have Rockstar Lincoln as a dedicated QA studio.

      I just wish they would tell us what Rockstar New England is working on.

    • We should word it in terms that Zelnick will understand.

      Dear Strauss,

      Imagine you're going to the gym, but instead of the bench press, treadmills, rowing machine and cable pulls being in the same location, they're all in different cities, and each of these locations has their own manager, receptionist, leases and utility bills.

      Now imagine you're a ridiculously overpaid manager of a video games publisher, and your studios which make these things called "games" are like these gyms, so one game is the bench press, one game is the rowing machine, etc.

      I hope this helps.


      Yet another shareholder you've successfully screwed over.

    • I would kindly ask that everyone does the same, even if you think it will go into the virtual circular file. They need to hear it, and now that management seems at least to be making the first efforts to cut costs, they may be in the mood to listen to constructive criticism.

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