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  • rustyambiguous rustyambiguous Apr 8, 2010 1:04 PM Flag

    RDR Multiplayer video is out

    Game of the year. Holding myself back from purchasing more shares after seeing that video.

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    • FYI, I don't any shares at the moment, but I'm getting ready to jump's why:

      TTWO owns the high production value, *sand-box* style, action/adventure game, but they haven't been able to make money at it...just look at their net cash position over the years! This is what turned me off to the company. However, what's making me reconsider is that it looks like we're getting closer to the date when TTWO will have figured out a new model for success which centers around the multi-player aspect. While I'm not expecting too much from the multi-player aspect of this version of Red Dead, I do think TTWO will soon figure it out(wait for the next GTA!) and at that point the stock will take off or someone will buy them. Even though TTWO hasn't been able to build up a decent net cash cushion, they have been able to build out their line-up of games and top quality studios. If they can take the next step with multi-player, then they'll finally get over the hump.

      On a separate note, when the hell are we going to hear about Ken Levine's(Irrational Games') next game? They've been working on it for two years and we don't know a thing about it.

    • Definitely could be GOTY. Hype levels continue to grow. The marketing for this has been very well done. And it is simple & cheap . . . make a good game then put out a series are well-edited and well-narrated videos. The hard part is making a good game . . . the rest is pretty easy.

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      • I have to admit, I have been trolling the general RDR subject and couldn't really see the excitement or get it, myself, and I am still playing games at 42, since starting at 13. I am starting to get it now and I am really looking forward to it, even it not as strongly as everyone else, yet.

        My worry is this. I think far more times than not, games failed to live up to their hype since it simply got too high and nothing could live up to such expectations. Could that be happening here? I know GTAIV was one of the few to live up to the hype in reviews and sales numbers, as was MW2, and of course the argument could be made that this game comes from one of the devs of the 2 games I just mentioned. Just curious on the groups thoughts about this.

    • IGN:
      As great as the standard multiplayer modes are, they weren't even close to the star of the show. Red Dead Redemption's lobby system is much more than a simple place to hang out. It's massive and dynamic and puts almost any other open world game to shame.

      I'm pretty damn excited about Red Dead Redemption. You should be, too. The crazy part is that I'm not sure how much of the multiplayer game I've even been shown. My recent demo was filled with Rockstar representatives offering teases of, "Just wait until we show you the stuff we're still keeping under wraps."

      Well? I'm waiting. Hurry up and let me see it.

    • Wow...we'll have to come up with a Yahoo MB Posse. With all the money and time spent developing this, hopefully it can be easily and quickly adapted to the next GTA (which would make it even more of a cash cow).

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