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  • david11223 david11223 May 28, 2010 11:37 AM Flag

    David....Are you back in again!!!

    No I am not in. I am not crying either. lol just because I miss a rally on the stock doesnt make me cry. I made a good amount of money off ttwo. And right now I am staying away from stocks. Man its really something that there are so many losers in this world. lol

    To the rest good luck:)

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    • Good luck to you. You know I'm really terrible at timing the ups and downs of the market. I firmly believe that TTWO in still very much undervalued. I will never be able to time the entry and exit points perfectly. I'm not saying to buy and hold blindly, but follow trends, sales, inform your self the best you can. You will not always make the right decisions, but you only need to be right more that half to be profitable. David, as often as you trade in and out of TTWO you seem to be unsure of your decision. Whether or not to own a stock is a decision you have to make for your self. But before you buy do your DD, sell when you reach your goals or something materially has changed with the investment.

      Good luck

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      • Thank you... You are right with the selling too often. I usually do not do that much. But right now it is very unstable in the world. I really do believe there is much more bad news to come.

        If the euro keeps going down this will effect alot of american companies.

        Even through I am out of ttwo, I hope they go up. The game that they made is awsome. Really what will be better if they change the management at ttwo. Then this stock will fly up faster lol:)

        I will keep on following my stocks that I bookmarked. But for now I am in the middle of a different kind of business deal. So I am going to be out of market for a while. Also, I sleep better. Usually I can hold stocks and it doesnt matter to me if it go up or down. But the world and market is too crazy for me at the moment.

        Good luck all...

        By the way new shipment of RDR just came into the gamestop store next to me and it is already half one in one day:)

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