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  • ttworocks ttworocks Feb 17, 2011 11:38 AM Flag

    ERTS is on fire

    Nice to see investors plow money back into a big name in the sector such as ERTS, that has been down and out for so long. I think that there is a growing realization that the potential is huge and the stock price is pretty much idiotic at this point.

    This is a good indication that VG stocks are poised to rebound this year after 2 long years of declines that brought all of them to miniscule valuations. It is especially encouraging to see the sector overperforming the market by a wide margin. THQI and ATVI are slowly recovering from their respective sell offs (although ATVI is a good short candidate, IMO. I don't ever short in raging bull markets, though).

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    • Although I like ERTS as a gamer, I'm not sure about my stance on it as an investor. On one hand, they are an extremely well diversified company with a lot of promising IPs...on the other hand, they've been losing money year after year after year. Their operating expenses are extremely bloated and they've been repeating "fewer, bigger, better" for a long time now, but they've yet to see an annual profit.

      I believe that they can turn around, but I'm not sure I see a catalyst in their future yet. The Star Wars MMO might do it if it's as good as people hope, but I don't think it's wise to bank entirely on that considering the generally lukewarm reception of pretty much every single MMO released since World of Warcraft, plus at this point we don't really know enough about it to make a call either way.

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      • I'd like to buy some shares to hold for a 3-4 year timeframe, but I'm not planning on buying any until June or so. If they skyrocket before then, so be it. Way I see it, they're going to be compared to our earnings calls up till then and ours will be better.

        I just don't see anything exciting happening before then--if Bulletstorm sells well and people start buying based on NPD data, I'll be a bit surprised. It took investors almost 6 months before they realized that our RDR performance was going to have a significant impact on our bottom line.

        Maybe analyst opinion of the sector really has changed, but if so, I think we'll be the biggest beneficiaries this year, just because we're a better bang for the buck. Both us and ERTS are going to grow significantly in future years, but unless ERTS moves into bubble territory (and they're only 4 or 5 bucks away from that right now IMO), we'll grow faster.

    • >>> I don't ever short in raging bull markets, though <<<

      This is one of the lamest bull markets ever. The only thing that goes up every day is NFLX, AAPL, BIDU, APKT, IBM, and any other billion market cap behemoth. The low float small cap types that used to run from $2 to $30 in the previous two bull markets are dead. Just buy NFLX and you'll be okay.

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