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  • ezndat ezndat Jan 3, 2013 12:46 PM Flag

    State of the Union Address

    Anybody worried about this? it is a 100% certainty that he will address gun control as he's pretty much said so publicly a couple times now...if he even utters "videogame" this will give up 25% in a blink, not to mention if he makes any sort of negative inference on the role VG plays in violence (which I personally believe is nill by the way)

    ....I've got some March and June calls and am quiet bullish but this is on my mind, a little bit....

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    • This may be breaking news to you, but this stock already gave up 20% over the shooting incident with zero impact on VG sales.TTWO was trading at ~$13.30 after Piper upgrade and went as low as $10.61.

      Stock needs to move up $1.5 just to get to the level prior to this incident.
      Longs who wanted to sell probably did so by the end of year. Shorts exploited this news headline and milked this stock down 20%, but the news is old and we are now in 2013 heading into nice earnings report and much better things ahead.

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      • I'm in agreement with you. Fear and greed always seem to appear in the market and there was considerable fear following the shooting incident. Completely ridiculous but there it was. I'm also thinking that year-end tax loss selling played a part in the decline. It will be now be very interesting to see the movement of the stock as earnings are announced and more information is released about GTA.

    • Video games would fall under art or expression of free speech. You can't ban video games and it will never happen. Movies fall under the same category. The most they can do is what is already done in many places. They check your id and make sure you are over 17 or 18. And we all know that if you tell kids they can't do something......well then you find an older brother or sister to buy the stuff for you!! As it has been a time honored tradition everywhere in the US!haha So, unless people are totally the people who sold when the shooting happened......the rest of the smart people will just pick up more shares at a discount. Personally.....I LIKE dumb people!haha

    • you can all relax, first of all banning a videogame is unconstitutional and has never happened. secondly all Obama cares about is gun control and raising taxes, by early Feb he will be neck deep in debt limit negotiations and will spend most of his time on that.

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    • 25%? Are you nuts? There is no way this will lose 25% unless he came out and said GTA 5 is banned the day of the address. I think he is going to focus on mental health and gun control. It's not the right place to bring up entertainment that's for sure.

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