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  • broadsttrader broadsttrader Jan 24, 2013 12:16 PM Flag

    One Trick Pony

    1 Bioshock Infinite has had a mass departure of talent, at all levels, leave throughout production. You don’t think they know something? The game has had delay after delay. No video game has ever been good when there are constant delays. And no one is worried? Can anyone say Duke Nukem.

    2 Now I see people throwing around numbers like 25-30 m + for GTA V. Are you kidding me? This game has no co op mode and does not have an engaging multiplayer. The rules have changed if you want to beat COD you have to have an outstanding story, multiplayer, and co op. The map is huge and they are having a new switching characters mode. There is going to be a ton of bugs and glitches. This game is being released too late in the cycle and will have to compete with next gen games. Games now do not have a long life when considering sales. There is about a two month window and than the next big thing comes along. This time it will be the next gen with a whole slate of games that look better and play better thanks to the next gen.

    3 The cultural climate for an open world crime game is horrible. You have each political party condemning violent video games. You now have the second attempt by a state to tax violent video games. 89% of parents nationwide say violence in today's video games is a problem ( see Common Sense Media). You can argue all you want about violence in games but sometimes perception becomes reality. Wait to teachers start caring about the type of companies held in their pension funds.

    Everyone on the street knows the time window for GTA V. There are some big boys that own this stock. They will have the info before you and be out. While the small guy holds the bag.

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    • every single one of your points is wrong, allow me to address one by one.

      1.BioShock will suck because of "mass departure of talent" - well people change jobs for many reasons all the time so not sure how you think this means the game will suck. This is the third one and they got the gameplay down at this point so it will NOT be worse that 1 & 2 at the VERY LEAST. Nobody is expecting this to sell 10m copies, people are looking for 5-6m and that's very feasible considering record pre-orders.

      2. Are you for real?!! Coop mode may not be there, but a) its not THAT important and b) it may still be in there since we have zero info on multiplayer so you cant say it will NOT be included because you simply dont know. Engaging multiplayer?!! People are still playing GTA4 on Live because it DOES have good multiplayer. Regarding the story...if I were you I would not embarass myself by stating that COD has a better story. are you kidding me? that game has no story, its just move forward blast everything in sight then rinse and repeat...that's it, nothing else here. GTA on the other hand allows YOU to create your own story. Bugs and glitches??? GTA 4 barely had any, if you every played it you would know that. What next gen games will it compete with exactly? Platforms have not even been announced yet, so what on earth are you talking about?

      3.Cultural climate does not mean anything, Supreme Court declared in 2011 that these games fall under 1st Amendment and overturned a similar law in CA. There is nothing that can be done legally other than rate these games Mature and that's already happening. Parents do not buy GTA for their 8 year old kiddies, this is a mature game and 99% of people buying it are adults.

      It is clear to me that you dont have the first clue about this industry or this company in particular and are just regurgitaging someone else's misleading and misinformed comments. Please do your own research prior to investing (long or short) in order to avoid heavy losses. Shorting TTWO in GTA release year prior to earnings is just NOT a smart idea. I noticed you forgot to mention smashing hits like Borderlands 2 and NBA2k13 in your comment. Is it because they dont support your dubious theory or you simply do not know they exist???

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Ok....SERIOUSLY?? Do you really think teachers have ANY clue how their pensions are invested??lol I'd say 99% of people who have pensions are clueless as to how it is diversified. The next gen. will have virtually no effect on the game at all. All I can say for people who are short on TTWO...."I SEE PAIN IN YO FUTURE!" It's the line that got me addicted to GTA!!

    • did you just sell me your shares?

    • YOU ARE ONE DUMB #$%$

      to prove you wrong:

      buy out news 5 years ago caused pps to spike to $25... no doubt gta v is going to beat it! check out the new article under recent headlines which states ttwo's gta v should be the best selling game in history! not only that but it is highly likely to be a target of a takeover which will send the ops flying high!! And finally the release of a new console should see TTWO's stock have its greatest year in 2013!!! Nonetheless, i would say pps will reach about $13.20 by next week but by mid 2013 price should be in low 20's at least if not more. And finally, the laucnh of a new console in the 2nd half of 2013 will send the share price flying above $25!! So sit back, relax, and enjoy watching TTWO take off ;)

      so yeah stupid shorters lol

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I disagree with all of your points, and don't feel that your assesment is an accurate portrayal of reality.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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