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  • broadsttrader broadsttrader Feb 1, 2013 11:09 AM Flag


    So BI was delayed than delayed again. Whats stopping GTA V from being delayed again?

    September is the worse possible date this game could be released. It will have to compete with the next gen and the strong holiday lineup. (EA is going with BF 4 this year) GTA V will also be over shadowed by the hype of the next gen. It is already happening right now with the PS 4 news. This game will not get the hype or attention to sell 20m it will be more like 14-17m.

    This late release will affect the amount of DLC sold as ppl switch over to the next gen. GTA V will not have a year of high DLC attach rates and no opportunity to add a GTA V.5 ie Ballad of Gay Tony. No one will want to buy a GOTY edition for a PS 3 or Xbox a year to two years into the life of PS 4 or XBOX 720. TTWO will have to port this game over to the next gen which will result in increased costs and more chances of bugs. And if they release DLC within the first month it will be met with adverse reaction from gamers ala Mass Effect 3. DLC for GTA V is lose, lose.

    Also, no one has mentioned EA's #$%$ packaged console numbers. TTWO is the most reliant company on packaged console sales as they are not as diversified with PC and mobile as EA and ATVI. TTWO is not immune to the string of #$%$ console numbers. We will see them Feb 5.

    Once again the tail is wagging the dog as R* thinks they are making a work of art and don't care about the money and more importantly the investors. This company is continually mismanaged and does not care about the investor.

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    • You actually raise an interesting point about DLC. If people start playing on a x360, what happens when they switch to an x720? But this could be easily addressed by allowing people to carry their saved game state from one generation to the next. That is pretty trivial. And there might be the added bonus of some people 'double-dipping' where they buy on the current generation and then buy again for the next generation. A lot of people own both console and PC versions of the older GTA games.

    • TTWO and the Housers already know the exact release dates for the PS4 and the XBOX 720, you think they wouldn't factor this into their decision? They are not morons, and I don't believe they would have delayed the GTAV release if they thought it would hurt sales. The Housers are artists, but they are also very intelligent guys who realize their art is wasted if no one sees it. My hunch is that either the next gen consoles are not coming out until 2014, or that R* knows the next gens are coming soon and they are taking this extra time specifically to go full speed ahead on porting GTAV to play on the next gens as well.

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    • What type of garbage is this.

      1) if you think new consoles are coming out anytime before summer 2014 you are an idiot

      2) its EA and ATVI who need to be highly concerned about gtav being released and clobbering their franchises and holiday sales not TTWO. In this way TTWO puts serious pressure on its competition and its takeover attractiveness.

      3) its a much better release window allowing holiday sales and allowing BSI the space it needs to sell

      4) #$%$ console numbers" dude, since the last GTA release and Bioshock release theres about 20M more consoles on the street which is why AAA title releases are selling way more than anticipated lately

      5) this is a $1B company. Nowhere near overvalued.

      6) have a Modelo and chill out

    • Agree, who cares about the investor. If they did they would have taken the $26 offer. Instead, shorting the stock and milking out the company was more profitable.

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