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  • twochiefdukee twochiefdukee May 22, 2013 12:05 PM Flag

    any opinions from the board regulars?

    Just curious if anyone has looked at AMD? And curious what you guys thought. I've not followed it at all. BUT, with both ps3 and xbox one using AMD's product......wouldn't they have to jump in price when these consoles start selling? Or am I missing something.

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    • realitydaytrip May 23, 2013 9:14 PM Flag

      I bought in, but got scared off when the price jumped past 3$ a share and sold near the first of the month. I hate to use the words "priced in", especially here, but consoles are a low margin item with sales volume that is relatively low compared to prior earnings in the PC market. Intel kicked them in the pants in the PC arena and ARM got the early lead in mobile. They are shedding cash and the real question is "can they survive as a company?" Gaming is the only thing keeping their head above the water at all right now, but even valued at 2.9 billion they are CHEAP compared to their revenue stream if they can get it back into the black... but can they? This is one of those stocks where a piece of news could double your money or cut it in half. Don't invest in AMD...but maybe gamble a little?

    • Chief, they jumped from about 2.50 in past few weeks or a month or so on exactly what you are talking about and I thought I read that they are in all the boxes too but I don't believe MSFT specifically called them out yesterday and also saw an article suggesting NVDA was with MSFT. I am almost positive that is not correct, even more certain because the article suggested the Tegra chip was in the new Xbox, but I believe that is only a mobile/tablet chip.

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