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  • twochiefdukee twochiefdukee Jun 25, 2013 11:09 PM Flag

    Conspiracy theory....

    Just throwing this out there and was curious what you guys thought. There is that class action lawsuit about the players and the ncaa using their likeness. If the court rules in favor of the players....wouldn't game makers be on the list of owing them some money? Obviously EA would be the #1 offender and owe money if they ruled in the players favor. TTWO would be guilty only for 2k's ncaa basketball. Could the debt money be in case TTWO has to pay some money down the road?? Just throwing that out there. May not be a huge settlement, but I would think that it would hurt game makers? Although maybe the ncaa would be the only ones needing to pay. Anyways just curious what any of the regulars thought about it.

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    • May 5, 2009 was the filing date of the suit against the NCAA, Electronic Arts Inc. and the Collegiate Licensing Company. TTWO is not a defendant in any such case that I'm aware of. As to the SOL, ray, that's adjudicated on a state by state basis and I'm not sure when the SOL clock starts, e.g. date of publication, date of first sale, date of last sale, etc. I would not be worried at all about TTWO's culpability on this.

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    • When was the last 2k NCAA? 2009? If that was their last year then there's a good chance the statute of limitations has run out. I'm not positive but I believe its 3 years from the time of release.

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