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  • rustyambiguous rustyambiguous Jun 26, 2013 3:20 PM Flag

    Down with volume

    That's $3 in a few weeks (luckily didn't start adding till the 15's). Is there news we don't know about? Usually Zelnick alerts his buddies before anyone else. Hopefully Icahn is still long and strong.

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    • I think that more and more. Definitely something bad brewing here and we will be the last to know. Down too much to be some ordinary bad day, although volume is reasonable, but maybe whatever the news is, is just starting to get to the big players. Like I said, if it is any delay, game over. GTA goes straight into the holiday line up and the new machines. It will sell well, but would definitely take a significant hit from all those other factors going against it IMO.

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      • Homer, do not worry. The previous delay caused the stock to sell off for what, 1 day? Any delay this near to launch will hopefully be a marginal few months, and the market will shrug it off.

        I think the price action today explains a lot. We were hovering over pretty good support at 14.40 in the morning, and there was no buyers! Volume was EXTREMELY light this morning at an area anyone looking to buy would consider from a technical perspective. Volume only picked up once we broke support and the sellers emerged. Frankly at these levels there are still no buyers and seller remain (likely short sellers, but sellers nonetheless). TTWO is a very small/very under the radar stock and there is simply no attention at this time of the year. Guidance was already overly cautious for the quarter and quarter last year was horrendous, losing over $1 a share in Q1 FY 2013, if I'm not mistaken. With history to scare those away, and relatively little respect/care from the street, we are starved for capital.

        Thankfully there are buyers, Icahn and several hedge funds have picked up an interest in the past year, and at some level I would argue the buyers have to re-emerge. This is a market gift in my opinion, hopefully you have some dry powder. I'm not getting excited yet, today was just a joke, but when I think that price is right I am unquestionably adding to my long position.

        Best of luck

      • Wasn't Z just on Bloomberg confirming the date? I believe one of their reporters mentioned TTWO's inconsistencies in release dates and he was very firm that it's coming out on time.

      • Lots of pessimism Homer... I sense great fear in you... I agree the stock price suggests something, but I don't think a delay happens unless Rockstar has a surprise plan to do a dual release on both new & old platforms (which would be welcome news but highly highly unlikely).... If there is no dual release plans, TTWO would not take the wind away from new consoles when new console adoption is a huge part of the company's future revenue...

        What is see now, is the tendency for TTWO to over shoot on the downside... If the market falls further, I could see a scenario where we can buy TTWO in the $13 range... If this happens, BTW, I am levering up big time...

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • My favorite is now that we're down $3 in a few weeks, the analysts will be as late as ever to downgrade soon.

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      • This thread is ridiculous. Down $3 in a few weeks and it "has to be something brewing"??? It could not have been a 100% increase in share price in only 7 months? For sure not the hundreds of million $ in dilution recently right? Certainly nothing to do with the markets recent dip? Theres nothing brewing. Its brewed and been sitting out for months. This stock has gone nowhere in the past 4 months. In fact its lower now than it was then. The industry is reaching bubble proportions. Luckily gtav is on the horizon which will be the only thing that saves this stock from the sub $10's

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