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  • samuel.enzo samuel.enzo Aug 9, 2013 4:02 PM Flag

    TTWO closes GREEN in red market once again :-)

    TTWO closes green in a red market once again. If the market was green, who knows what could of happened. Peace friends. Holding till $27. Rumors of EA or ATVI acquiring TTWO are on the web. GTA 5. Lots of news ready to be released. etc etc etc.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Yes God Willing, at this rate we will hit your 26+ target by the end of december. Of course that is if we get no down days, God WIlling. Unfortunately we have only 25 trading days left till your mid september prophecy. Meaning we are going to need .30+ every day with out a down day to reach your price target, making today a big loss for sammy nirvana. Now I do believe TTWO get's a decent bump from gamescom as it seems to be the focal event for TTWO this summer, but again I"d argue we are far closer to 21 that 26+ by mid september. I know, I am sooo pessimistic....

      Considering you are a technical genius, please enlighten the board with the indicators you are using? Do you still believe the street does not know about the EA buyout offer and will automatically fill the same gap created by a buyout offer years ago? Do you really think EA can afford TTWO at this point? You must be arguing that ATVI purchases TTWO long before the vivendi deal closes? Or are you using something else? My guess would be fibonacci or elliot wave? It can't possibly be this silly gap fill logic you mentioned a week ago.

      If you had discovered this stock/board prior to 9 days ago, you would have discovered many here are fundamentalist and technicians, perhaps not nearly as advanced as you, but were trying. One poster, ryansheshan called the second offering debt bottom support by .20, an area you would have been better served initiating your long position considering we are up over 30% since his call a little over a month ago.

      I'm really hoping we reach your 26 price target, I do own some in the money puts I purchased fairly deep out of the money expiring that month, I'd make a killing. I am sorry for being so skeptical, but your confidence intrigues me! What are these technical indicators you are using that projects 26 bucks in a months time?

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