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  • philchen6180 philchen6180 Oct 8, 2013 1:41 AM Flag

    Investor are not stupid by earning date we know who has won

    Most people think that we might go back to 16 then when earning comes up we would jump back into the high 18's. I can tell you that you are wrong why? Here is why i see low to mid 20's when earning hits

    Second quarter was estimated at 750-800 million revenue which GTA5 has beat it after 1 days in sales. I use the GTA4 revenue per game they sold and it was a average of $83 dollar per game that including special edition and normal edition for GTA4 but GTA5 has Normal, SE, and collector edition which has all been sold out. VGchartz said that we have sold 21 million in the first 2 week and im adding 2 million for digital that give us 23 million in the first 2 week. 23millions x 83=1.909 billion in revenue just on one game.

    Then now add the other games they were selling hot, BI was knock down to 39.99, BL was at 30 with season pass and 25 for the game, Steam sales, Xcom, GTA mobile, GTA4, RDR, Xcom IOS and CIV 5 DLC/expansion I say those add around 350 million total revenue.

    We are expecting revenue to be 1.9 billion- 2.25 billion in just one quarter and the 2014 fiscal year they were talking about was close to 1.775-1.875 billion with earning at 2.25-2.50. If we meet the high end of the estimate, we are looking at first Quarter 143 millions plus second quarter we got 1.9(low ball)=2.043 billion in the first 2 quarter and we have 2 more quarter to sell games. If you think my GTA5 number is wrong then we can change it to 1.3 billion even lower ball plus the 350 million from the other games we have this quarter at 1.65 billion plus first quarter of 143 millions. We have a total of 1.793 billion in revnue just on the first 2 quarter adding the NBA 2k and cont sales of GTA5. There is in way in hell we did not pass 2 billion mark and earning for this year would jump from 2.25-2.50 to 3.25-3.50. I dont believe in the last 2 quarter GTA5 plus NBA, MLB, BL GOY, BI DLC and all other games will not get us to 3 billlion in revenue just this year.

    Now that I talk about rev

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    • realitydaytrip Oct 8, 2013 6:27 AM Flag

      I'm sorry, you lost me at "investors aren't stupid."

    • It's not many people. It's the same two guys obsessively posting negative things.

    • Here come where the profit is going to be here. They were expecting to 1.2-1.35 per share and this number is blowing away by the record selling GTA5 at full price. I say lets low ball and say $2 earning they got this quarter from everything. $2x87 million shares= 174 million cash added just on this quarter and more would be on its way for Q3. With 174 cash we add the cash in hand 642= 816 million cash in hand with a debt of 570 million that leave us positive cash in hand 246 million.

      816 and they are going to add another 200 million cash in the upcoming quarter that give us 1 billion then add another 100 million in the end of the year. Total cash in end at the end of fiscal year we have 1.116 billion.

      We are sitting at a market value of 1.5 billion and having close to 1.2 billion in cash while the SP is at 17 and would go down to 16 makes sense to you? If it does please give me what you are smoking because that is some great stuff you have there.

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      • I see starting this friday we will see major jumps for all video company, why? because monthly data for sep would be release and it would be at least a 100 percent jump in revenue from last year

        That would give us a jump the fellow week would be some news about how well NBA is selling and look into earning we might hear rumors of what games ttwo going to out in the next cc.

        I see this a great buy and wont sell until it hit mid 20's at least

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