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  • philchen6180 philchen6180 Nov 26, 2013 2:59 PM Flag

    Let me get this straight about the 12 million share repurchases

    Most of us were scared that Ichan would dump his shares and dont know what to do then. You got yourself a answer that ttwo would just buy them out with the billion plus cash in hand. Talk about cash, we all know that ttwo has big pockets now since GTA5 has been selling really well. We take 1 billion - 200 million, we still have 800 million cash in hand. Now that we have secure 12 million share not going anywhere and kick 3 board member that has been taking our money from bonus yearly what comes better then this. When the next quarter earning hit and we beat expectation plus we still have over a billion in cash, think of how high this stock going to be. GTA5 would sell really well during the black friday sell which most seller are selling it for 34.99 fellowing walmart deal. I already know that amazon is selling it for 34.99. I see ttwo not giving the discount that deep but amazon and walmart is. Then we got price match from kmart- best buy- target- gamestop- online.

    This quarter we have black friday sales, NBA2k, WWE2k, BI DLC, Xcom, GTA5 and ETC. Dont tell me we wont add another 200 millions to the bank with those selling in the top 10.

    What i see is that by next quarter earning comes we see our friend Ichan buying allot of TTWO more then before and trying to sell the company again. He just selling because he scare the overall market would go down and once he found out that it isnot going down but up he would buyback ttwo share cheap.

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