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  • davidsonisaackson davidsonisaackson Feb 4, 2014 9:50 PM Flag

    don`t get it. Great earnings....and no pop in price. I say: TTWO stock hits 35 by November 2014


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    • I couldnt take it anymore and I closed my position at the high for today. I will buy back in on the next drop after i make some money trading other companies with my ttwo earnings. Once I can buy TTWO shares with house money I will hold my shares for a year or so until he gets it right and takes us to 23. Good luck to those who are riding this out. Good things will come to you.

    • You don't understand the dynamics of this stock.

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      • Tiger, I would say they or more likely to be at $11 as compared to $35,,,Zelnick's BS is getting real old,,,newbies don't get it,,they see Cramer pumping and see the highest selling game of all time and think they hit a gold mine lol lol....TakeTwo's last quarter was their best quarter in their history,,,yet the stock loses 10% the next day!!???? Lol lol come on man!!!!! Soooo glad I got rid of this headacheheadache!!! I sold TTWO and bought GLU at $3.70,,,now if u want to see what a professional Earnings conference call is supposed to sound like,, then take a listen to GLU's earnings conference call yesterday!! You can hear the confidence in their voices!! Have u ever heard positive, confident conference calls from Zelnick!!???? Hahahahahahahah ....I would never short TTWO because of the possibility of a new Red Dead game which could easily sell 15 million copies,, plus there are a lot of corporations with big bucks who would LOVE to get their hands on TTWO's library,,,but it's just too much of a headache BX, YHOO, and GLU is where I am at,,,good luck Longs,,, it will definitely be a bumpy ride!! I might join u guys again if it hits $15.99....

    • I see you don't get it. Let me explain things for you. The "pop" for this quarter's earnings happened when our share price went from the $8-10 range a year ago up to the $18 level or so during the lead up to GTA. I doubt we would have seen $19's again without Cramer pumping it a couple of weeks ago. We "popped" from $17.05 up to mid $19's. Sheesh.

      I don't consider TTWO a one trick pony anymore, but there is nothing in the stable that will sell 32+ million copies. Not RDR. Not even close. Earnings for this company have peaked for the next 4-5 years. Period.

      Will they be profitable for the foreseeable future? Idk. Maybe, but you can bet there will not be a quarter as profitable as this one.

      You are looking for $35!?! Really? LOL

      Let me spell out what we had a still couldn't break $20. Carl Icahn buying tons of shares, GTA V setting records with sales, raising guidance for the year and quarter last earnings, and an improving macro environment with stocks at all time highs. Yet we still couldn't eclipse $20.

      What, besides hope, do you offer to get us to $35?

      This is just my opinion. I have been trading TTWO for 4+ years and you may feel free to disagree or give me thumbs down if I hurt your feelings. I may continue to trade here, but TTWO has never been a long term investment for anyone other than Zelnick.

    • this company does not know how to play the game(no pun intended). I agree that the price will eventually reach 20 levels once management learns how to respect shareholders, but right now the street is teaching them a tough lesson on guidance.

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      • You're right on. Problem is, this mgmt will never respect us shareholders. Zelnick talked the talk to get the job but ever since he's been raping us. In my opinion, he's a moron who can't take a dump without asking the Houser's first. It's his job to control/dictate what gets released and when. Rule #1 in the entertainment business to never let the talent make business decisions. Why do you think athletes, musicians, and actors have agents, handlers, and multiple managers? Its because the majority of creative people are absolutely terrible with business decisions. In addition, Zelnick probably compensates them in cash and not stock options so they can care less about the stock price. That's probably the biggest no-no. There's zero incentive to get things released in a timely manner.

        To Zelnick, we're just goyim.

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