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  • dto1837 dto1837 Feb 14, 2014 11:28 AM Flag

    GTA Online Valentines Day Update

    I just wanted to give a quick update to the board for people who don't necessarily play the game. Not that I think it has a HUGE relevance, but I did think it was interesting. The Valentines Day content update was released yesterday for free. Even though the update was free, in order to buy the car they added to the game (and old gangster styled car, which your online friends can stand on the running boards which is a unique feature that only that car has) it requires a significant amount of in game money, $750,000. The thing is with the recent attempts to wipe the cheaters they reset almost all of the hacked (and some legit) in game money, and most people in the game have a very low cash balance right now. In order to purchase this "limited time" car, you would need more money than most people would probably be able to make in the game in a short amount of time, so I'm thinking this new addition was strategically planned to be shortly after the money reset to spur the purchase of in game cash. The car also costs slightly more than the second most valuable card gives you (500,000 at $9.99) so to pay for it completely you would need to buy the largest (1,250,000 at $19.99) card.

    To be honest it seems pretty well thought out. Fingers crossed they have more strategies that have profits in mind!

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    • Pls explain to ignorant people why it is not a subscription like WoW and is this kind of monetization good or bad? Does it give some people too much advantage or is it just for show? What is Online traffic like now? Is there anything in this download for single player? Why do they wait so long to release single player DLC?

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      • You can't collect a subscription fee for GTA Online. People just won't pay for that. First of all, GTA is not an RPG. And second, even that subscription MMORPG business model is not really working these days. Only WoW has been able to pull it off and there have been like a dozen attempts to copy it and all have pretty much failed. And you are about to see another one fail with Elder Scrolls Online. GTA has to try to do the MOBA business model used by Team Fortress 2, League of Legends, DOTA 2, etc. So far they have not done great but it is getting some traction.

    • I actually don't want them to go too crazy for monetization yet. Would like them to establish the player base first. I am worried about those they lost/will lose after the pull back of the hacked/non hacked monies. But anyway...

    • It would be nice to get the monetization squared away....and then apply the model to RDR2.

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