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  • tex7779 tex7779 Jan 18, 2009 9:34 PM Flag

    For those who are wondering where Kanders' interest lie, check his lates SEC form 13D/A

    Here is a link from the Clarus web site.

    I suggest clicking on the .pdf icon, that way you get the whole SEC form.

    Kanders filed this form earlier this month.

    In a nutshell; he has 3.228 million shares that he bought with his own money. My guess is that his cost basis is about $ 5 / share. That makes Kanders' investment in Clarus about $ 16 million. That is a lot of skin in this game.

    His annual salary is $ 250,000. Thus, if he was in this thing only to collect his salary, then the 1.5% he gets out of this will take him many decades to get his money back.

    The way I see it, it is to Kanders' interest to make a deal and improve the pps of Clarus.

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    • Kanders is buying up CLRS shares so the price doesn't go lower. He's the only buyer out there. If the price goes too low someone will come in and take over the company the same way he took over the company seven years ago. Kanders is paying himself and his cronies from the cash and also financing his lavish CT office space. He has NO interest in running ANY company other than the ones he already has. Why the hell would he - or his cronies - want to add stress to their lives when they already have it SO GOOD?

      WAKE UP. There are so many other great investments out there right now. Real companies producing real products and services. Why would you want to park your cash in CLRS when you could be hitting 2, 3, 5, 10 baggers with companies that actually DO SOMETHING.

    • Well, maybe not exactly, Tex. If you add the several
      compensation packages for people who work on other matters but are on this payroll, and the excessive rent apprently being paid out to a sister company, we seem to be subsidizing other interests so while I completely agree the objective is to make a deal, the sense of urgency does not seem to be the same for Mr. Kanders as it is for retail shareholders at this end. It does not surprise that we are not exactly sharing the same fate with the principals, but I do think your comments ignore that point entirely. The company is now operating in the red with no end in sight. The principals seem to be doing fine. Just my humble opinion, of course.

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