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  • sideshow32raheem sideshow32raheem Aug 2, 2009 3:24 PM Flag

    Kanders conf call!!!! Communication!

    Answer me this, ebschor.

    If Kanders wanted to bleed the company dry and line his pockets, why would he keep buying large amounts of stock over the past several years?

    Instead, he could have kept his original controlling interest stake and bled off the cash into his pocket as he saw fit. Admittedly he did suck in some cash over the past 6 years as no acquisition was made, but if your theory is correct why didn't he just keep doing it this way instead of buying hundreds of thousands of shares?

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    • Easy,

      He's buying Clarus (i.e. cash) at a discount then using the cash in Clarus to buy stuff for himself, his cronies, and his other company. Sooner or later he'll own all of Clarus and take it private. Then he'll swim in all the cash.

      The market is on a tear. You're parking your money in a dud while everything else is exploding around you.

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      • This is where your argument is flawed.

        Kanders doesn't have to buy one additional share to funnel CLRS cash to himself. He already has control and has had it for years....he can spend CLRS cash anyway he sees fit (albeit risking a class action if he does so recklessly).

        And why would he want to buy more stock so he can distribute shares to his "cronies"? Would you spend *your* money so you could funnel more cash to someone other than yourself? Didn't think so.

        Your bias is obvious and your credibility worse than suspect. If you don't own this stock or aren't short, why are you even here? I suspect it's because you're short otherwise you wouldn't even be here unless you have an axe to grind.

    • I don't know the answer to your question, but I do know that moving money around when there are several entities involved under one control, is not unheard of, is it? ALso it is not unheard of to support a sharepirce, is it? I don't think any of us know what
      the actual motives are for much of what is happening, there is certainly precious little information being released, maybe next week will change some of that.
      However when management reamins silent, the shareprice is suppressed, and the comnpany isoperating at a loss, it is good reason to question what the heck they are up to. Just my humble opinion.

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