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  • biopharmawarrior biopharmawarrior Jan 21, 2012 4:38 AM Flag

    Immune Response BioPharma David Buswell

    I am waiting to buy shares in the new company? The new guy is most impressive he has done more in one year than the old company did in a the past decade before BK. I don't recall this much PR and activity with the old company? Did you see the IRC guys join their new board? WTF is going on here this looks like the old IRC?

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    • Basically what has happened is that Kevin Kimberlin and Spencer Trask and the rest of the people who were at Immune Response Corp. manipulated the company so that they could change the name to Orchestra Theraputics and then purchase all the intellectural property rights to the research. They then manipulated the company into bankruptcy so they could dump all the original investors. Now they are starting a new company claming that they have all the rights to the research funded by investors for over twenty years through Immune Response and Orchestra Thera. All the original crooks that were running Orchestra at the end will end up back in leadership roles with this new Immune Response Biopharma where they will cash in on the research while cheating the original investors out of everything. Typical Wall Street maneuver to make make as much profit as you can for yourself.

    • Warrior - Most impressive, indeed. Those closest to a product are typically the ones who will guide a product with the most vigor. Reminds me of Apple and Steve Jobs. Remarkable to think that at one time they actually let him go...