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  • hospitalave hospitalave May 17, 2012 4:43 PM Flag

    Spencer Trask and Immune Response Biopharma

    I have been writing letters to the Spencer Trask group for the past few months asking if they or their associate Kevin Kimberlin were in any way connected to the new company calling itself Immune Response Biopharma. I finally received a call back from New York today from a Spencer Trask representive. He stated plainly that there was no connection between Spencer Trask or Kevin Kimberlin and the new Immune Response Biopharma. He also stated that Kevin Kimberlin purchased the research to the original Immune Response/Orchestra Therapeutic company at a public auction that occured after the company went through bankruptcy and not before. Apparently the news releases put out by Orchestra about Kevin Kimberlin and Spencer Trask providing operational financing for Orchestra in return for intellectual property rights during the last two years of the companies operation were incorrect. The gentlemen I spoke with said that the new company had no connection to Immune Response/Orchestra other than the fact that the new company chose to use a similar name. Basically the new Immune Response Biopharma company under David Buswell is "NOT" using the research from Immune Response/Orchestra nor did they obtain the intellectual property rights from Immune Response/Orchestra as those were purchased by Kevin Kimberlin as they were purchased at auction by Kimberlin as part of the settlement of the companies holdings after the bankruptcy hearings. Anyone else have any information or comments to ad?

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    • So you admit you lied for over a year about Buswell and slandered him and made liable statements that you now verified as false by ST.

      What do they plan to do sue you until you are bankrupt like the old company?

      It's clear Buswell has no connection with anyone and there is no conspiracy he is the smart businessman that picked up the pieces and assets like any smart businessman after a bankruptcy and appears to be doing more in one year than the old company did in 20 years this guy is phenomenal a true Genius like a phoenix IRC has risen from the dead thanks to Buswell patients will get NeuroVax. If i were Buswell he should sue you for all the false things you said about him.

      I am Waiting to invest in the new IRC this new company is run very differently they appear to mean serious business id rather invest in IRBP than facebook look at the news coming out new patents issued this new guy Buswell is the new Salk eom


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      • I did not lie about anything. I only reported what was told to me by a representative at Spencer Trask. Time will tell if Kevin Kimberlin and Spencer Trask have a connection to the new Immue Response Biopharma. I still have questions. There were several news releases stating that Kevin Kimberlin and Spencer Trask were providing operating financing for Immune Response/Orchestra in return for intellectual ownership of the companies research during the last two years of its existence. The Rep from Spencer Trask said that Kimberlin purchased the research at a public auction after the company went bankrupt. David Buswell at the new Immune Response Biopharma says the research was abandoned and they legally claimed it as their own. How does this all make sense?