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  • westshots westshots Jul 6, 2011 3:01 PM Flag silver LIKE Impact...

    Rode this train....all on-board impact....even before recent press

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    • I believe it is advantageous to the Chinese to ramp up purchases as they gradually take strong and long possesion of physical market, it will take time but they will indeed purchase silver in growing amounts all all other sorts of non dallor assets.

    • Westshots, used today's weakness to buy some IMPACT the very low $2s as it turned out...It will be interesting to see which between AG and Impact performs the best over the next 6-12 months and beyond for that matter.

      Impact is hopeful of increasing its production 50% in 2012 and potentially by as much as 6 fold by 2015...Both in the short term and long term Impact's production increases are faster than AG's growth. AG, because of its larger production, has better margins. On a valuation basis, Impact will have only 15% of AG's 2012 anticipated production but its market capitalization is currently only 6.5% of AG's - probably with good reason...

      I think if production comes in as anticipated for both companies and silver rises to $50 over the next year or two that Impact will score the greater percentage increase, however with that anticipation comes the risk of its being smaller and its profit margins therefore subject perhaps to more difficulties.

      My purchases were also made for diversification purposes. In my opinion AG has slightly stronger short term technicals than Impact. Today for example Impact came all the way back down to the cross of its 50 and 13 day moving averages while AG's low was much above the same averages' cross. DMI, Slow Stos and RSI indicatators are slightly stronger for AG as well.

      I would have liked to have seen Silver come back today and act more like a precious than industrial metal, but then I wouldn't have gotten such good fills....Wewstshots, thanks for the lead...

    • Good move being all in IMPACT...I still have some due diligence to do though if its good enough for Sprott it is probably good enough for me....I prefer the producers and in this case AG..

      Below a comparison chart shows Great Panther having bottomed first and leading the move higher....though over the last five days the three stocks are up almost identical amounts...

      Great turn around for Silver and Gold this week...of course just when things were looking rather bleak...hoping it keeps going...

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