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  • jai4524 jai4524 Apr 7, 2013 9:21 PM Flag

    Rich DeFalco, principal, 76Partners, said he’s “screaming bullish” ON SILVER GOLD

    Rich DeFalco, principal, 76Partners, said he’s “screaming bullish” on gold and silver and said that the metal will likely benefit from a possible stock market correction that he expects will occur this month. Stocks fell sharply Friday after the jobs data.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Any chance moit and guru have option protection to the downside? Doubt it. Hope your loss is minimal boys.

    • waiting for silver to go to 20. world is screwed up. i know. hard to believe. just closed my ZSL position.
      looking to reenter when all those no believers start running silver back up.
      AG will go quite a bit lower. was not warning anyone. just posting.

    • I think gold and silver have appreciated over the past few years due to inflation expectations that have not materialized. Those holding will not want to loose their profit so will start selling if the price continues to drop. I think people want cash now since deflation is what is going to happen. They will sell their gold and silver for cash now. Gold and silver will trade for industrial uses and not a hedge against inflation. Start laughing...

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      • Blood butt has never posted here before but his message is to go to cash due to deflation.
        This means he has no current interest in AG but he's nice enough to warn us.
        Wow, let's all jump on that recommendation.

        I frequently see the same type posting on on CDE and PAAS. Their only incentive would be that they are paid bashes or really have empty lives. Too much effort. For empty life persons so they must be paid bashes. Question is how much?

      • Yeah, I'm laughing at the idea that you believe fake money will be more valuable than real money. As for inflation expectations, I expect them to remain the same: SUCKY!!! Stagflation here we come! Jimmy Carter days are in the on-deck circle! Everything I buy is GOING UP IN PRICE. Come to think of it, it's been that way MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! But I wasn't alive back when money was REAL. I would imagine the people who can remember how good REAL MONEY was feel even more strongly about it than I do!!

        Sentiment: Buy

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